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Whistler conditions

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I must be cursed. I left Utah this last Sunday morning just as they get the first snowstorm in a long time. I'm going to Whistler on February 21 and am hearing the same kinds of rumblings I heard before I left for Utah. (persistent high pressure ridge blocking all storms for the next couple of weeks) What's the word on conditions in Whistler. Seems like I heard that the bottom half of the mountain is in pretty rough shape. Thanks for any info.Aloha Steve
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I wish I had better news for you. 194 cm base. Little new snow. Dry skys at least through Friday. When we do get precipitation the temperatures are too high and its either rain or wet snow.

Good news: there is still some good snow up top and we managed to find some powder in the trees over the weekend.

The optimistic rumour is that February will be a good month for snow. Lets keep our fingers crossed because we haven't had a good quality dump since Christmas day.
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Thanks for the info. From the weather forecasts I see, it looks like dry conditions for at least 2 weeks. Hopefully, there's a change right as I'm arriving. Steve
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Originally posted by Maui Steve:
Thanks for the info. From the weather forecasts I see, it looks like dry conditions for at least 2 weeks. Hopefully, there's a change right as I'm arriving. Steve
I must be looking at the same forecasts you are. Unisys? I'm headed for Whistler this weekend. I'm praying to Ullr that something breaks soon. Sounds like you are going a little later. I'll give an update when I get back.
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Thanks. I'd love to hear what it's like when you get back. Some of the weather models are showing a weakening of the ridge in about 10 days. Hope they're right. Aloha Steve
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I just got back on Saturday night. We were there for a week. We were all snowboarding if that makes a difference. The top of the mountain was great as far as I'm concerned. More snow would have been better but we had a great time. We hiked to the glacier on Blackcomd and had several hundred yards of fresh to ride thru. We all thought the snow and mountain was better over at Blackcomb.

The bottom runs on the mountain...especially on the Whistler side were VERY spotty and slushy.

Bottom line for me was...stay at Blackcomb and stay high!!!
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K2rider.. thanks for the update!! I will be at W/B in late March so any further reports would be greatly appreciated!!
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So will I be there in late March so heres hoping-the report says a storm this weekend after about 10-12 days of what seemed like clear blue skies. Given the propensity for cloud/rain there they must be wondering whats going on there !!
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Please keep the reports coming! I'm toying with the idea of taking one of the Dave Murray camps this summer, but if snow conditions are bad now, I may pass.
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i am doing the Dave Murray camp when I am there in March so I will let you know how it goes- it came highly recommended when I asked about it here when I was planning the trip. I see they have a foot of new snow over the past 2 days with more expected.
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Cool! Full report when you get back, please! Nobody responded to my question about it in the technique section.
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Just left Whistler on Saturday the 15th. Of course it was just starting to snow after two dry weeks. The bottom halfs of the mountains were terrible. Either patchy snow, hard crust or ice. Upper mountains could use more snow but there are good places to ski on both mountains. On Whistler there is still a lot of good skiable stuff off Harmony Chair. Stay where the sun doesn't hit the snow or go to Sun Bowl after 11 if the sun is out. Stephan's Chute had some of the best snow on Whistler Mtn.

On Blackcomb the glacier has good snow and the higher areas by the t-bars are good. 7th Heaven can be good in the afternoon if the sun is warm but avoid it like the plague in the morning. Again, North facing bowls and chutes are good but a lot of the main entrances to them are sketchy. If you can find a local to show you the lesser known traverses into some of these runs you can ski pretty decent snow all day long.

Of course, 20 inches would go a long way too.
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