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Colorodo storm 3/19

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Any stories from the storm in Colorodo?

I am sitting in Philly, trying to get on the next available flight to Denver. It doesn't look good. My flight for tonight (wed) was cancelled. Nest available is Friday night. Sometimes the bear eats you...
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Yeah, since no one can travel from the front range up to the ski resorts there's not a whole lot of people skiing. Except for people lodging at the resorts.. and the rest of us who live up here.. Lots of fresh tracks. Hopefully the I-70 will stay closed; I have tomorrow off.
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I had to cross country ski to work today; the side roads in Denver are all but impassable to cars. By the time I got there, the surgeon had cancelled the case because he couldn't get out of his street.

We got more snow in our yard last night than they did at Vail- it seems that the closer to the Front Range and foothills, the more snow. Winter Park had over 5 feet, nearly 4 feet at Loveland, and 2-3 at A Basin. All, of course, inaccessible for those of us stuck on this side of the Divide, as I70 is closed. This was definitely the week to be in the mountains and not in town. There is nothing quite as good as being snowed in at the mountain!
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yes, all the front range mountains got hammered and the sw and west mountains barely got touched (wolf - 12", aspen+vail - 12-15" in 2 days - boy, am i a snob - a foot of fresh snow + i say barely got touched). anyways, if you can get to abasin, loveland, breck or keystone; i am big-time jealous.
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No skicougar...you're not being a snob. I'm a little envious myself...especially of the folks at Winter Park... Isn't a strong March storm a glorious event?

Still the 1 foot + over the last few days has left aspen/snowmass with a great creamy, grippy surface.
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Ok, so the front range is getting dumped on, big time. But don't be in a huge hurry to get to the Summit or Eagle county areas. Not nearly as much snow has fallen as at Eldora, Winter Park, A-Basin, and Loveland.

In fact, comparatively, very little has fallen at the larger areas. The skiing is good, but don't expect huge powder days. The snow falling has been pretty moist, by Colorado standards.

Yesterday the sun was out most of the day at Vail, and is out currently.

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AAAAGHHHH, this topic is really bumming me out. I should be skiing right now, but instead I'm sitting in an office in Atlanta on hold with Delta trying to secure a flight for next week. My mind is anywhere but work.

I'm all for a snow storm and drought relief, but the timing to tough to swallow. I look forward to this trip year round.
Okay, I feel better now that I've vented.
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Think you feel bad, we spent all day clearing the driveway so we could get to the hill. Get everthing ready get on I 70 and its CLOSED! Try 285 Jack-knifed truck! its CLOSED!
Only 75 miles away & cant get to the Hill! They say I-70 will open @ 6pm tonight been closed for 2 Days!!!! CDOT SUCKS!!!!!
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Not only are the trucks causing problems, but the avy control is also a limiting factor. Climax slide west of Georgetown, and controlled slides covering both lanes have conspired to keep us from all of that new snow!

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The only traveling being done in Colorado right now is by the Denver Nuggets.
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The roads in Boulder county are improving by the hour. We were "rescued" at Eldora today.

I think the final tally was 7'2" at Rollinsville.
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Rusty, glad you’re safe and sound. Your daughter sounds like a real trooper. You should be proud to have raised her so well.

Mr. Vertical, my sister finally made it to Denver after spending the night and day in Colby KS. I too thought we could go up 285. Made it a few miles and found the highway closed. My sister only had a map of Colorado that was from the 1980's with her. It was good enough to show us the way. We went hwy 8 through Morrison to Kittsridge (sp), to Evergreen and made it back to 285 on the other side of the closure. Took us 5 hours to do what normally takes 90 minutes! We felt quite smug about making it. It was worth it to see them skiing the next day. My sister and her kids have only skied twice. My niece’s boyfriend had never skied before, had never been outside of Missouri before. To see him take in the Mountains was wonderful! He is a natural skier. He is forever a changed man.
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Thanks for all the stories.

I ended up getting on a flight Thursday night. 70 was still slid in, but in opened in time for first chair at Loveland. Epic snow! A little strange skiing over a traffic jam all day.

Copper was the highlight of my trip, WinterPark the low light. Copper has some great terrain. 8" of fresh in Vail's Blue sky trees. FANTASIC!

Also caught a great reggae band in Breck (John Browns Body). People in Colorodo sure know how to party. I can't remember the last time I saw so many people enjoying natures finer green gifts. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

A great way to end a great ski season.
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From todays Denver paper:

Many areas along the Continental Divide received as much as one third of their annual average snowfall during last week's three-day dump, said Klaus Wolter, an atmospheric scientist with the Climate Diagnostic Center in Boulder.

As a result, both the South Platte and Arkansas basins now have a deeper snowpack than normal, or almost twice the amount of a year ago. On Thursday, the National Drought Mitigation Center changed its drought classification for the South Platte basin from severe to moderate for the first time since last April.

Some estimates project that a near-normal snowpack would only bring these reservoirs up to 70 percent to 75 percent of capacity after the spring runoff.

That situation may improve if the eastern half of Colorado continues to receive greater-than-normal moisture due to the influence of El Nino for the next two months, as Wolter's latest forecast predicts.

Still, the recent storms have done little to help the southwestern part of the state, which now appears headed into a fourth summer of drought. Climate factors have reduced the likelihood of a wet spring in the San Juans and New Mexico, setting the region up for a third straight summer of dry conditions, Wolter said.

Meanwhile, officials at Arapahoe Basin ski area took advantage of the windfall to take out a tongue-in-cheek classified advertisement in the Summit Daily News on Thursday offering a slightly used snowmaking system that the resort installed just last summer.
"No longer needed. $2m/obo. Must pick up. Call Arapahoe Basin," reads the ad, which refers callers to a phone message that explains the joke and details the resort's snow conditions.

Located high near the Continental Divide, A-Basin has been buried under more than 27 feet of snow this winter and expects another 80 inches or so through May, based on historical averages, said spokeswoman Leigh Hierholzer.

"We've already received more than we got the entire season last year or the year before. The last time we got this much snow was '96-97," she said. "It's ironic that the year we put in a snowmaking system, we don't need it at all."
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Just an note from a good friend that I will be skiing with soon.

Sorry you were not available to ski Vail yesterday (Thursday). Weather forecast predicted a good mountain snow and I drove up through a Vail pass blizzard Wednesday night.

It turned out to be one of the seasons better powder days -- and there have already been many. Deep enough with 9" to 12" and cold enough for light snow and overcast most of the day so limited sun to cook the new snow (plus no lift lines). So we were out at lift opening and making fresh-non stopper, tracks in the back bowls and Blue Sky until 2p, then out a boundary gate for more fresh. A great day!

So, even when spring seems to dominate, powder does happen and maybe it will repeat while you are here. Hope so!! Would be great to have a day like that for your visit.

Deep powder for ALL!

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