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Getting ready for the Jackson trip.. any last minute advice?

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That's right guys.. it's that time. Going to Jackson this Saturday - will be skiing Sunday. I am SO happy that they have been getting good snow.

Any advice on ways to get around the mountain (places to ski) to maximize my Jackson experience? Any other cool activities to do while I am there?

Also, any info on places to go eat or to go out?

FYI - I am staying in Jackson (the Alpine House is the name of the place). The current plans include (other than the skiing in Jackson Hole) an O.B. guided tour, a day at Targhee, and a snowmobile tour of Old Faithful.

Also - I was going to take both my skis (Atomic 9.22 and bump skis) but am going to leave the bump skis home (sound right?). Also, was thinking of renting fat skis depending on the conditions, at least for the OB tour and Targhee (I heard the 9.22's are not great on the deep stuff). If I rent fat skis, any suggestions?

Any input would be highly appreciated. I'll give you guys an update when I get back. Thanks!
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I assume you will have a car. If not the bus service is pretty good. I am not familiar with the place you are staying, and don't have a phone book here at work.

Bars and resturants: Bubba's for ribs and barbque, Gun Barrel and Cowboy Steakhouse for dead cow, Mangy Moose at the village for apres ski, and dead cow, Thai Me Up for Thai food (great), Snake River Grill, &Stiegler for gourmet food. Wort bar, Cowboy Bar, Brew Pub, along with the Stagecouch in Wilson.

Sking JH. Groomers, most of the Apres Vous side of the mountain along with one or more major trails off each and every lift. The tram and Rendevous Bowl are must do's, along with the lower faces and the Hobacks.

Depending upon snow there can be some great off track sking off the Casper Lift to the north .

A guide will show you lots, it is a good idea. Targhee with good snow is another and snow mobiles through the park is a don't miss.

Telling you much more will interfere with you discovering on your own.

One last difference of opinion with Gonzo. Get powder boards if you are going to ski off track. Yes it is cheating and who cares.
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My must-do list at Jackson includes, the hike-to Casper Bowl from the top of the Gondola down into the Moran Woods. Also, rendevous bowl - bivouac - north hoback. And about 100 others that if I start naming off I'll leave my desk and start driving there Many I love that place.
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Sunscreen and water. The sun is intense now in the Rockies and the last thing you want to do is burn yourself the first day. Keep yourself well coated with SPF 30 stuff.

As for water, the altitude and dry are will dehydrate you quickly. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid heavy alcohol consumption (until the end of your trip).

Enjoy. Wyoming has been getting our snow lately.
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Mack--demo some Volkl G41s or some Volant Chubbs from Teton Vilage Sports, right next to the tram. They have a good selection. If you are interested in Iggies, call them (1-877-IGNEOUS) or send 'em an email. They are located in Jackson and if you contact them in advance can probably put you on a demo pair of their sweet fatties. Try the Ig. Fat GS. They also make some of the fattest "mid-fats" around. Cheat or no cheat, if you get some of that good Jackson snow, do what most others are doing and get on some wide boards.
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I was in JH last weekend. if you are planning on demo-ing and hiring a guide, get your self some randonee gear and a guide and head for teton pass!! I skiied there last saturday and the south side of the highway was some of the best pow i have ever skiied. the touring was so incredible, we had to drag ourselves away as it was getting dark, regretting leaving the headlamps at home.

JH on friday was pretty good, though i heard sunday was fabulous. We hit targhee on sun and skiied some more pow, nice, but not near as good as the pass.

If you do decide to ski the pass, hire an experienced guide, unless you have extensive back country experience. There have been six avy related deaths in Teton County WY so far this year, so stay in the resort no matter how tempting the ob is.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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ps, bring the bump skiis, it looks like we may be getting into an extended warm spell and JH was bumpy as hell on friday.

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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