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PA to VT

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I live in SE Pa, near Wilmington, and am taking my family to northern VT for the long weekend. Can any of you who make this run more routinely suggest the fastest route into Stowe? Over the years I have used the 95/91 NYC/New Haven route, but no more. Detest that drive. Skipping around NYC and SW Conn is a big priority.

It looks like there are several alternatives based on using 87 as the pricipal north/south route.

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Did you try Mapquest or Mapblast? I am not sure on the details but you can probably take the northeast extension to Scranton, hang a right on Rt 84 to Rt 87 north (unless you have a quicker way to grab 87), to Albany. You'll probably stay on 87 past Albany for a little then hang a right to some backroads to take you to Stowe. If Mapblast does not give you the route that goes through Albany, just run two trips; one from your house to Albany, and one from Albany to Stowe. Put them together and you are set to go!

Have fun.
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Here's the way I'd go, JW:
You're headed up 87 past Glen's Falls, NY...You want 149 to Fort Ann,NY (I think it's the first exit to say Lake George). At Fort Ann you hang a left onto Rt 4 going north, through Whitehall and into Fair Haven, Vermont. You want to go north on 22A. Here it gets interesting. If the weather is ok, turn R onto Rt17 in Addison, and take it thru Bristol, over the Appalachian Gap into Waitsfield, turn north onto Rt 100 all the way to Stowe. If the weather is bad, I'd stay on 22A to Vergennes, go North on Rt 7 into South Burlington, take I 189 to I 89 South and get off at Exit 10, Waterbury, proceed North on Rt 100 to Stowe. It may seem like a roundabout way, but it'll give you the best roads. And they have been known to close down th Gap on Rt 17 in bad weather. In fact, the route thru South Burlington is probably quicker time wise, because you can cruise faster on 7 and the interstate than on 17 thru the Gap. Hope this helps. And DO get a Vermont road map. Sounds like you'll be all over the state this weekend. Good luck, and I hope you have a great time in the Green Mountain State.
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Can't believe it, I just heard (about 10pm Eastern) that its raining again in Vermont. Vermonters, are you getting rain, snow or??
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Stowe got 6-8" last night...don't know about the southern part of the state. Any word on Okemo? I'm heading there on Saturday.
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I saw the Stowe report. With that additional confidence, and an umbrella, I head for the Green Mountain state in a few minutes. Wish you all some good turns over Pres. Day. If any of you are at Stowe or Jay over the weekend, give a yell. I'll be one of about 200 guys on the mountain in a yelow and gray shell, yellow Volkl G30s and a bowling ball gray Leedom helmet.
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It seems that anything north of Bethel got snow. South of there got either rain or freezing rain. The forecast for tomorrow (Friday) is for more rain and snow mixed.
Stowe probably got snow, Okemo, rain. BUT: the forecast for Sat through Mon is snow. One place you KNOW that got snow is Jay. Lookin good for JW's trip, anyway.
Hmmm...coupla days at Jay....
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I would avoid any route that takes you too far west such as the PA Tpike.

The NJ Turnpike to the Garden State Parkway to the 87 east to 684 in order to connect with 84 to get on 91 and finally 89.

This may sound confusing but you are headed in a direct NE line for the most part and it is all Interstate except for the GSP.

Just try to be ahead of commuter traffic in the NJ to Conn. corridor.

There are always construction delays at the Tappanzee Bridge.

The ride from Albany on NY 7 to VT 7 is pleasant but a bit on the slow side through NY since it is only two lanes.
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did Stowe on Friday and Jay on Saturday and Sunday. Stowe was in good shape Friday, and there were no crowds. Went to Jay on Saturday to avoid the crowds and got a foot of fresh as a bonus. Returned to Jay Sunday to ski in the trees all day. Sweet!
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Glad you had a good time in VT...Hope you didn't get lost. Headed to Jay myself this week....hope you left some snow...
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the snow situation is great at Jay right now, and I understand there is more on the way this week.
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