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Castle Mountain Questions

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I am debating on whether to go to Castle Mountain in Feb. I have heard that whilst it is a small mountain it can have excellent snow and there is also on-snow accommodation. My only worries are whether it is large enough for 3-5 days skiing, and transportation to Castle from Calgary (and vice-versa), I won't be hiring a car. Any feedback would be great.

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Castle Mountain is certainly big enough. 1600 acres and 2800' vertical. The most underrated resort in Canada IMHO.
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I can't help you out with transportation, but last March I went to a wedding in Calgary. While there, I skied Sunshine Village and Fortress Mountain before heading to Fernie for a week. All the talk from the 'locals' at the wedding was that Castle Mountain was where they went for powder and steps. Some of them drove down every week. Castle gets more and lighter snow than Fernie. I would say that 3-5 days there would give you time to really do some exploring. Find a local to take you to the best spots.
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I've been to Castle 4 years ago and it was the deal of the century. 100$ for a motel + lift tickets for me and the mrs for 2800' of rather constant vertical.

At the time I was there, there was absolutely no accomodation on the mountain except for a couple of rundown RV's in the parking lot. We stayed in Pincher Creek, which is a good 20-30 minutes by car. Unless this has changed), you really need wheels. (looking at the website, there seems to be a hostel type lodge now)

Whilst the snow isn't as good as Fernie, it lasts a lot longer due to lesser skier traffic. In good conditions, it certainly has enough to keep a good skier intersted for 2-3 days, but this is very much a personal opinion.

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Castle has a hell of a lot or area & terrain for the lift capacity. It gets a bit less snow than Fernie but your not fighting with 500 people for it plus you don't get the rain that Fernie somethings gets. Though the wind at Castle can be very strong and blow all of the snow off the mountain.. Now alot of that acerage is expert terrain so if a good skier who avoids groomers castle is great. If you stick to groomers those three runs down could get pretty boring.
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