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Utah trip in 2 weeks

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We have a trip planned for Utah (Park City) in 2 weeks for 4 nights. Where is the snow? I guess I shouldn't have booked early season without waiting to make sure there was snow. I didn't think I would have to worry if I booked Utah, thought that was a sure thing. Anyway, I'll be checking this board to see if Altaskier or anyone else has any info on where the snow is and when it will be in Utah! What will we do for 5 days if there is no snow? Should we just stay home and lose the money we have paid for airfare and hotel? It's a non-refundable trip. Prayin for snow real soon in Utah.....

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park city link

Something for your desktop. :
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I'm guessing you'll be in the PC area for Deer Valley's opening on December 7. They've been blowing tons of snow and will have a bunch of groomers to play on, even if there isn't any new snow between now and then. Otherwise, PCMR and The Canyons have lots of snow guns too (depending on how much they use them!) and the Cottonwood Canyons aren't far away either.

In the meantime "Pray for snow" and trust me, there are plenty of things to do in Park City other than ski (even though that is the preferred thing to do)!
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We have been stuck under a high presure here in Utaw for over a week, with no change in site
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plenty of snow at alta/bird. Brighton has snow too.
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Relax. Come on the trip, its paid for!

I skied at Brighton last weekend, while on Utah standards, its low, it really wasn't that bad. I've skied other places in mid winter with less snow. The groomers were fantastic, and the off trail stuff was decent. It was November 17th, pretty early in the season, so I can't complain, I was skiing. While we might be low on snow right now, it will not last. Last year there was only a trace of snow on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, then the storm blew in. A record 100 inches in 100 hours fell, making for unreal skiing.

I had dinner/beers with some Maggots last night. Yes, Powder-Maggots. From what I hear, Alta's opener was one of the best in years. There was speak of 6 inches of powder in some places on top of decent snow pack. A great bonus of the warm weather and cold nights that we have been having, as explained to me, is that it has helped to stabilize the snowpack, so if your group is into steeps, maybe more of them will be open. I'm not a snowpack expert, however, I tend to believe what was told to me.

From my experience in Utah, and what was explained to my by a former boss, we tend to have 2 week weather cycles. Nothing for a couple of weeks, then BAM, we get nailed for two. Your a few weeks out, never know whats going to happen, it could be blower conditions!

Look us up when you get out here! Have a great trip.
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I don't want to get your hopes up TOO much, but I just got this from the cottonwood canyon forcast page.

Remarks: Major change in models for early next week. Much colder temperatures and good chance of snow as storm track breaks under super ridge and phases with system dropping down from Alberta. Where it all comes together of course remains questionable, but at least there is something to get our hopes up about.
Here is the link
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even more good news:

Remarks: Much colder temperatures and good chance of snow saturday with light snow remaining into early next week. Storm breaks under upper ridge Saturday and phases with system dropping down the Continental Divide. The first system will develop into a closed low in California by Monday with a couple more cold systems dropping out of Canada into the low into next week.
Looks like it could be excellent after all.
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What altaskier said. Plus Park City is fun town lots of stuff going on and no crowds this early in the year.
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We have been stuck under a high presure here in Utaw for over a week, with no change in site
The forecast has changed since yesterday. Now it looks like the Rockies and the Wasatch may get some snow in 48 hours or so:

The 5-day Model: Precipitation Type

The 5-day Model: Precipitation Totals

The 10-Day Precipitation Forecast
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Thanks for the info. I've got my fingers crossed it's going to dump big time before we get there! [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]
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I am going to assume you got a deal on this planned trip, so if you have to, you can go to Alta/Snowbird to get to the snow. Also you are very close to SLC, and lots to do there. In two weeks, a lot of snow is possible, so think positive and think snow.

So no matter how you look at it, even with no snow in Park City, your trip is far from being a washout.

Have a great time ! Happy Holidays !
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Heres an Up date for you. We The Park city side of the wasatch got 4"to8" of snow last night. Today is a Beautiful Bluebird day. I'll be skiing Park City in the morning and will post a report later in the day.
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