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current ski conditions in vail area

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Hello. would greatly appreciate feedback on how skiing should be week of jan. 13 in vail and summit county. expecially comments on expert terrain, back bowls,etc.

thanks, hank [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Vail. Conditions are sweet, everything is open in the back.

Summit. A little thin for our standards, but you can hike up Peaks 7 and 8 at Breck. I think they're getting dumped on today.

But if I were driving from Sante Fe, I'd hit Crested Butte or Telluride. IMHO CB and "To Hell You Ride" are unreal.
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Everything is open but it is RAINING ..... aahhhhhhh.

Vail was looking excellent two days ago then summer arrived. The cover is still good and we should get a dump before the end of the week if not tonight.

keep you eye on the snow report.

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I was there on Monday and all the back bowls were closed and they had like 3 chairs running on the front side, due to an ice crust that formed from the rain. Went to Beaver Creek instead, spring skiing there, no ice. I thought I left that back in Rhode Island, oh well, haven't been up since, but it looks like they've opened most of the terrain that was closed, but not sure how it would ski. 5 inches of powder on top of 2 inches of ice could make for real interesting skiing.

Good luck.
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Today is Thursday 01\10\2002

6" fresh on a firm base, brilliant sunshine and warmish day. The wet conditions have firmed the base BUT it is not slick as it is still warmish. There has been nil snow loss. The fresh is light and the mountain is very fast and fresh all over. Backbowls are excellent with fresh and very few "snow snakes remaining.

We await the next stash.

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That's some good news Jimmy, some real good news.
Keep in snowing!!
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Today is Friday 01\11\2002

Still warm and sunny\high cloud. Cover firm but not slick. Bumps big but not too hard in texture. Alas the fresh is now setting up a little and the cookies\crust are forming.

Still a big day out and the mountain is virtually devoid of humans.

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Today is Friday 01\18\2002

8" + of freeeeeeessssssshhhhhhhhhhhh and still dumping.

Back Bowl Saturday coming up.

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As of Saturday, January 19, the sky is blue, and there is another half-foot to foot of snow on the ground in Summit County and Vail. What better conditions to explore Vail's Blue Sky Basin?

A week ago, the skiing was very good at Vail, but the snow was still thin in spots, and you probably wouldn't want to bring your very best skis off-piste. By now things have surely improved! I haven't been to Vail in a a week, but Summit County and Winter Park are both excellent. Vail/Beaver Creek, the Aspen areas, and Steamboat have all reported outstanding snowfall in the past few days.

And there's more on the way!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Skied Saturday the 19th. 6 inches of new snow reported. Reality was nothing new in the front, from 6-12 in the back areas. Sun warmed up the snow really nicely in the afternoon. Made a run out in Outer Mongolia after lunch, there were a total of 5 tracks there before me in the entire bowl. A great time had by all, left about 3:30 did about 80mph the whole way home with the exception of stop and go at the Winterpark entrance to I70, then it cleared and was smooth driving the rest of the way.
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Jan 23rd

5+" of new snow, bloody freezing mate, no lift lines and going off. A beautiful late afternoon clearing cloud vista to a brilliant blue sky and a faintly warming sun.

Oz junior all done in and asleep on the lounge.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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