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sugarbowl opened Sunday

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Sugar bowl opened Sunday to limited operation. They are expecting to get blasted again on Wed afternoon and Thursday with another big storm. The next storm is reported to be a cold one. Snow levels in the foothills of 2500 FT and expect 2-3 ft!!!


now if I can figure a way to get there, maybe I can get some ski training in!
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I wonder if they still have those 1 for 2 Wednesday deal. It was the best. I was "sick" for 3 straight Wednesday last year [img]smile.gif[/img].

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no 2fer this year however Tues-Thursday are "visa Days" and lift tickets are 35.00 per day if you charge it on a visa.

Not quite as cheap but still a great deal and it's 3 days instead of only 1.

Other deals are 5.00 off with coupons from McDonalds (some of money goes to Ronald McDonald house)
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