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Mad River Glen

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I'm skiing @ Mad River Glen in March. What are the pros and cons?
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I'm sure there are others that have far more time on MRG than me, but based on my limited experience there, here it is:

-best skiing "atmosphere" of any place I've skiied in NE
-challenging terrain
-riding the last single-chair lift in N. America
-very laid-back
-telemarkers everywhere
-people in need of attitude adjustments tend not to go there

-limited snowmaking & grooming
-accessibility by car can be tricky in bad weather
-regardless of how "good" you are, you will feel like you are one of the worst skiers on the mountain

When in March are you going? Late March will likely be a bit sketchy, unless you get lucky with a fresh late season dump. Early March should be no problem, unless the season has been poor in general. I'm dying to go back, but it's just such a long ride for me. Another drawback is that 2 of my 3 sons only snowboard, so I can't really share it with them. I understand MRG's policy, and happen to agree with it. If my 2 sons had continued to ski and snowboard, it wouldn't be an issue for us. Maybe I'll try to swing up there just for the heck of it.

If you're serious about skiing, you should really do yourself a favor & go to MRG, even if it's only once for the experience.


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I read alot about MRG. It sounds real good. We are planning a trip to Sugarbush for March 3,4,5. We will ski Gore and Whiteface on Feb.28,29, and March 1. We will ski two days @ Sugarbush, and one day @ MRG. The one man chair lift looks quite interesting. I'm hoping for a few noreasterns, to hit before our vacation. Can't wait for the ungroomed trails. Let it snow!!!!! :
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Back to the top with this one! Surely, there is a bear out there who can give more thoughts on MRG than me. Where's the love? :
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Per Swede pretty much nailed the pro's & con's of MRG.

One Con for me is the single chair gets a long line on weekends. The upside is uncrowded slopes on the way down because of the wait at the lift.

A Pro is the MRG website is very candid about ski conditions.
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Candid isn't doing it justice. If the conditions are anything less than perfect (surprisingly rare) they will insult themselves till kingdom come.

March is pretty much the best time for Mad River Glen. As the temps warm slightly there is a rise in storm activity in northern vermont. MRG's biggest powder days usually happen in march, and occasionally in a good year into april. The base depth is usually deepest in march as well. Base depth can make alot of MRG's terrain alot easier. When "Paradise" first opens the drop off the waterfall at the top is usually about 14 feet, but in march it's more like 5 feet. The bumps are soft and round and the eastern exposure has more light in the afternoon than it did in december. In december or January the light is usually flat by 2:30-3:00pm, but in march the light isn't getting flat until the last 15 minutes or so.
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