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Warning! Forest Inn Suites, S. Lake Tahoe

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40 members of our ski club had contracted 10--2 bedroom/2 bath condos for a week at Forest Inn Suites in South Lake Tahoe. This reservation was made in May 2000. We arrived, Sunday, Feb. 25, 2001, after a day spent traveling from the Midwest, at the Forest Inn Suites, only to be told they "overbooked" and had no room for us. They did not contact us ahead of time to tell us of this little "oversight". They had gone ahead and booked us into another facility 2 miles down the road, into tiny motel rooms, without kitchens, living rooms, refrigerators or any of the amenities our skiers and non-skiing vacationers were counting on. Before we would accept the motel accommodations, we obtained a signed letter by the manager of the Forest Inn Suites stating that they would assume the cost of the motel rooms and refund our condo fees. He evidently signed the document to get us out of the Forest Inn, because they did not refund anything as yet. When we contacted the Inn's owners, Gemstone Resorts, Breckenridge, CO, Darcus Beck, VP, we were told that all they needed to do was put a roof over our heads. No matter that the tiny motel rooms did not allow for meal preparation, or even lounging comfortably. We now had to pay for meals, an unexpected expense, drive to eat or shop--more expense--as we were 2 miles from the casinos, shopping and dining. At the Inn, we could have just walked across the parking lot for these services. Our members on special diets, counting on preparing their own meals, were out of luck. Our families were split, as the motel rooms only accommodated 2 people maximum. Kids were in separate rooms from parents, or the parents split.
Beware if you think your signed contract with the Forest Inn Suites in South Lake Tahoe means you have a reservation. Beware of any accommodations owned or managed by Gemstone Resorts, Breckenridge, CO
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That's a real downer. Keep complaining to the managment and send a letter The South Lake Tahoe visitors bureau. and make sure you cc the managment co you contracted with. I would also let them know you posted this information with your friends on the internet. See if that gets a response. Hope things get better for you. Maybe see some of you Wednesday Mar 14 at Sugar Bowl?
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Thanks for your kind words. The SLT Chamber of Commerce, and several local business groups have expressed dismay over our situation, and are reviewing possible interventions. We have contacted our umbrella group, the Chicago Metro Ski Council, which produces a mega-seminar each May and they will be discussing our trip at their next meeting. (The Chicago Seminar is where we booked our travel agency with the specified request that we stay in Forest Inn Suites.) Our club had stayed at Forest Inn 4 years earlier and their amenities matched our clubs needs and wants. The travel agency is working hard on our behalf, as well.We have also contacted an attorney. Again, thanks.
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You also ought to post here the names of all other properties which this management company handles. Finally, if you do not have a lawyer in your skiing group to do it for you, one of yu should get your lawyer back home to write a letter to the management company for you.
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Try contacting the Better Business Bureau as well. I had a problem with Squaw Valley that was rectified to my satisfaction through the BBB.
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