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Questions for Alta LCC locals.

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I will probably be staying in Alta next January and trying to iron out some questions for the rest of our group.

1. how late does public transit run into the LCC? and how much does it cost? (we are staying in Alta with no Vehicle and wondering about going out of the Canyon a few evenings)

2. Where is the closest place to purchase Groceries? (in Alta, Snowbird or base of the canyon?)

3. Best place to purchase groceries if not the same?

Any info would be appreciated.

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I don't have specific info on transportation, but I can offer you a link:

http://www.alta.com/trans/ (UTA might be under summer hours though)

I'd probably do my shopping in the valley, a bit, make that two bits cheaper. I see shuttles and buses runing all the time durning the winter, even some later at night.
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Thanks Altaskier

I'd probably do my shopping in the valley, a bit, make that two bits cheaper
Where in the valley? The reason I asked both questions is there are a few children on this trip and if you have had young kids, there tend to be times you need some supplies quickly and it's worth paying a little more. For planned trips to the store, we had planned to get out of the Canyon but How far would we have to go and is it accessable Via public transit. and are the savings worth the time and trouble to get into the valley?
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hopefuly we can take some turns together this time around!

there is a grocery type store on the bottom level of snowbird. expensive & limited but custom suited to the purposes you mention.

There is also a Smiths food king on the way up the canyon (turn righjt at the first light past the 7-11)

Where are you staying? If it is in Condos, many of the property management companies will buy food & stock the fridge/pantry for you. does not hurt to ask!
also as time grows closer I can pm you my cell for more detailed info & UT hospitality!

as I know your fondness for the grape; if you need more than you bring you can pick it up right down town on the way from the airport:
state liquor store specializing in Wine. good selection.
oh, be sure to bring snow.
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Matt hit the nail totally on the head with that one. Smith's is a good all around food store, very close to the canyon, and I think you can get within walking distance by bus. I'd avoid Snowbird's shops unless its an emergency.

And as Matt stated, you can count on a few of us for some things as needed, drop a line closer to the trip. Thats part of this communtiy.

Oh, no young kids for me yet, I'm still in my mid 20's and enjoying life to much to take on that kind of responsibility. Someday.

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