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How far a drive from Rutland to Stowe?

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Going to be staying in Rutland, my plan is to ski both Killington and Stowe but iam not sure how far a drive from Rutland were i will be staying to Stowe is. How many miles or how long does it take would be helpful. Plus if anyone has the best way to get from Rutland to Stowe feel free to let me know.
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From Rutland, There are a couple options.
The most popular would probably be to pick up Rte. 100 north at the bottom of the Killington access road. I would anticipate a 2hr+ ride depending on traffic and weather. Have fun. Oh, and why not stop at Mad River Glen instead? Only about an hour from Killington along the same route....

Have Fun!
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I think the previous reply has the right idea; but if it MUST be Stowe, I would take Rt 100 north to Pittsfield, then Rt 107 to Bethel and get onto I 89 North, getting off at Waterbury/Stowe Exit 10. To take Rt. 100 all the way would be slower in the long run.
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Whats the matter with Stowe? I read reviews on it and all seem good. Mad River seems like its all moguls and i hurt my knee last year and moguls are out until knee fully heales. Maybe i should also try Smugglers too,, but it looks like from the map that mite be to far a drive. According to Smugglers they say it should take 2.5 hours from Rutland. I wonder if thats true. Looks longer than that.
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Yep. Stowe is at least 1h 45min from Killington. I've done it quicker at the crack o' dawn. Maybe 2+ hours from Rutland. The directions taking Rt 107 to Bethel are the quickest.

Smuggs is verrrrrry far. Nice area but not for a day trip from Rutland.

If you're looking for cruising, you might consider Okemo. That's only about 30-ish minutes from Rutland using 7 south to 103. Once you clear the Rt 7 strip mall hell in Rutland, it's a fast road all the way.

Sugarbush is about an hour and 15 from Rutland. That's a much more feasable destination than Stowe.

Don't overlook Pico. It's a great spot on busy Saturdays.

Since Mad River is a co-op, they have 1800 Marketing VPs who will tell you that it's the place to go. Of course, they won't tell you how long the single chair liftline is on a midwinter Saturday. If you go there midweek when they've had frequent snow, they just don't get enough skier traffic on their 600 skier per hour single chair to have huge bumps.
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The road from Stowe to Smugglers is closed for most of the winter and spring so don't plan that route unless you check first. I think that add an extra hour to the trip.

There used to be a way to ski from the top of Stowe over to Smugglers. You would cross country ski for something like a half an hour and ski down Smuggs and buy a "return" lift ticket...... in 1966 that was a whopping fifty cents.
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Ahh yes, I forgot about the 107/Bethel/89N route. That would definitely be the quickest route.

GeoffD has a great point regarding Pico. Definitely a diamond in the rough! Terrain for everybody over there!

And I suppose Mad River Glen isn't for everyone. No, I'm not a shareholder, just a satisfied customer for the last 25 years. Yes, it's crowded at the single on the weekend. Moreso than most can bear I suppose. But for me, and I think others it's more about the overall experience of being on a mountain that embodies the spirit of skiing. And after one run from the top I could use a little break.....

And just re-reading your other post, if you're looking for cruisers, definitely consider Pico! The upper Quad will put you atop some real nice long mach 5 groomers....

Have a great trip!
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Well after reading what all have said and looking at the map, i think going to Sugarbush along with sking at Killington is what i think i will do. I thought Pico was part of Killington and when you buy a lift ticket its also good at Pico, i also thought that you can ski from Killington to Pico as there on the same mountain, or am i all confused about killington and Pico? One other note iam not looking for cruisers just not looking for mouguls, i like steep groomed terrain. Iam hoping Sugarbush and Killington will be a place for that kind of terrain. I will be going during the week so iam hoping Killington isnt real crowded.
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Just remember that Killington is the ski theft capital of the east. Split em and lock em.
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Pico is part of Killington. You can ski Pico with a big "K" ticket, but not vice versa. There is a plan for the future to link the two areas, but nothing exists yet. You have to drive.

If you make it to Pico, make sure you ski Upper Pike, Upper KA, Sunset 71 and Fortyniner. Based on your needs, these should fit the bill.

And, as an added tip, if you like a nice deli sandwhich, make sure you try Gill's in Rutland, mmmmmm. Hot Meats with everything please....
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Good point about ski theft at Killington. I _always_ split my skis and poles. These days, they have far more problem with snowboard theft.

Midweek, Killington is never crowded. Friday is slightly busy but still nothing like the weekends. They groom the steeper terrain during the week but not as much as on weekends. Most eastern resorts are the same way.

Pico is steep at the top and mellows out to a runoff at the bottom of the upper mountain quad. I'm totally entertained skiing there once in a while. Lift tickets are significantly cheaper than at Killington. ASC also has a Mobil Oil promotion where you get a $10-off coupon (not good on Saturdays or Holiday periods) with 3 8-gallon or more purchases. When it gets closer to the time, post here and I'll drop a few in the mail for you.

Since Sugarbush got sold, I have no idea what promotions are going to happen at Sugarbush. Ski clubs affiliated with the Connecticut Ski Council can bulk buy day tickets there for $32.00. Killington tickets are $37.00. Most clubs are closing out that offer on October 1. I think New York and New Jersey ski clubs offer the same deal.
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For what it's worth, it's about 50 miles from the bottom of the Killington access road to Warren (Sugarbush). Add, roughly, about 25 miles to that for Stowe, travelling Rt 100 all the way.
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