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Favorite Mid-Fat Ski

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Looking into some mid-fat ski. Have gotten great information on X-Screams, Volkl G31, and Mod-X Pro. But anyone have experience with the Head Super Cross Ti? How does it compare with the other three? Any others I should try and demo? Heading to whistler in a couple of weeks.

Any suggestions would be great.
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Finally bought a pair last week on super-duper sale after mulitple days demoing them. LOVE these skis!
Depending on your style of sking, you could try the Mod-x, they were a little soft for me, but I am really picky. Also, I personally didn't care for the x-screams, a little squirrely. Heard great things about the Head Super Cross Ti, but couldn't find anywhere to demo them.
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In this world of high priced gear, most shops need to be very selective of what they stock. You mentioned the top three adv/expert midfats on the market. It isn't just a coincidence that these skis are found most places to demo, as well as most shops (at least before they sold out!). If you think that the Head might be somehow better than these skis, I suggest for the right person they might be, but for the mass market, no.
Ski any of those that you mentioned, and don't look back. I have skied them all, and they are all wonderful all-mtn. skis.

Here is my opinions of their strengths:
X-Scream - The original midfat master. Probably the best short turner of the bunch. The 187-cm is probably about as long as you need to go unless > 200 lbs.

Volkl G31 - The race car. Loves big fast turns. Needs a very skilled pilot. Bigger guys seem to like these. Skis long, so again, the 188-cm length is best for average weight experts. Probably the best of hard-pack and most difficult in bumps.

Mod X/Mod X Pro - Nice ballance between the two above. Seems to handle speed better than the Scream, but is a bit more damp. Does extremely well in soft snow. 188-cm length for most guys. Not stiff, but surprising grip. One of the easiest midfats to ski, IMO.

I couldn't decide so I got a Mod X Pro and a G30! They both rock everywhere, and unless the price is just too good to pass up, I would get one of these three and forget the Heads.
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Mod X Pro is my favorite. I do have a pair of the Head Cyber Ti in a 190cm and they are great skis. But the cyber is a little soft for me so I prefer the Mod X Pro. I wish I had the Super Cross instead because from what I gather it would match up with my skiing style better. I would definatley take the opportunity to try them out, they might end up being your favorite.
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which cyber is it ?? X40,60, 80??, I am a big fan of the cyber X 80ti, i have been on the cyber cross but not the super cross. The X80 is a much better ski than the cyber cross, stiffer,wider, and holds great on the hardpack. The only problem for some is that comes in either 180 or 190.
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You mite want to demo some Atomic 10.20 2001 or the new 10.20 and 11.20 2002 Beta Ride ski. I ended up buying K2 Modx but i thought the Atomic 10.20 2001 was next best.
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I'm still on the Atomic 9.22 and I love it. I'm a lot into tree skiing, bump skiing, and short fall line turns, and the 9.22 seems great for that. For some reference, how does my ski (the 9.22) compare to some of the others mentioned here (specifically the other Atomics and the Mod X Pro) for the kind of stuff I like? I've also heard some good things about the Volant Machete McG.
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It is the Cyber Cross 190cm. So we agree that it is a bit soft and does not perform all too wonderfully on the hardpack. The size breakdown is tuff. the 180 might be a bit too short and the 190 might be a bit too long.
Have you seen the new XP's? They have almost a square shovel and they do come in a 184cm. The Cross's still will be 189, 190.

Ok, I also have a pair of BetaRide 9.22's 200cm. I got them last year in hope to replace my 204cm Morrison. I never really got the hang of them. They rip the groomed and they performed well all over but something about the tail just never clicked with my style. Is it the flair or the stiffness I am not quite sure. Probaly should have gotten the BR 10.20 instead.

The McG is also a good ski. I think it is best suited for shorter fall line turns. Did not hold as well on the hard pack and I thought the stability left something to be desired. But if you like bumps and short turns it is great.

THe Mod X Pro does everything well and matched up to how I like to ski. Probably because I've been on K2's as my freeriding skis for years. I like the flex pattern they use and they are so damn easy to ski. In comparison to what they replaced, Morrison 204cm, they do everything better, except for hi-speed long arc's through crud, pow, and rough stuff. They carve and dig deeper on the groomed and they are more manuverable.
The McG is a better bump ski. If you like alot of snap at the bottom of the turn, Atomic's do that nicely. Want a consitent even flex that wont throw you too much, Mod's.

SO i like all the skis, just the X Pro the best.

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only comment I have for this thread is I love my X Scream series.
Tried the modx it was good, just liked the feel of the X Scream better.
didn't try the rest of the skis mentioned.
only atomic I could get my hand on was a 10.20 but it was too long. shop did not have a shorter one.
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See if there any twin tipped Volants, and the Salomon 1080's to demo. The trend seems to be to shorter skis, with twin tips.
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What did you do to your Morrisons? 204? My God. Does anybody need a 204 in that ski?

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you know me I still have them. Heck I still have a pair of circa '80 Kazama Grand Prix in my garage. The Morrisons have one of two fates. Turn into my rock skis next season. Or I'll buff them out for crusing days in Sun Valley.
Other option is to keep them around for when I feel like I am not skiing well. I have used this tecnique for years. If I do not feel as if I am skiing as strong as I should, I break out an older pair of boards that are harder to ski (ie - Kazama Grand Prix). I'll spend a few days on them until I can start ripping again. Then when I switch back to the new boards I ski like a super hero.
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Those Kazamas....Were they green? Didn't you used to drag a pair of green beasts around that couldn't be flexed by mortal man? Scott M is probably skiing them now, huh?

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Hi SpeedBump,

Ski Canada Magazine classifys the Head Super Cross Ti X as a free ride ski. It is an "Editors Choice" ski. Other editors choice skis in the same group were the Atomic Beta Ride 10.20, and the Salomon X Scream Series.

Steve Podborski[ one the the crazy canucks ]said, " A full spectrum antibiotic for boredom. " I didn't know that there was medication for skiing boredom, but it appears the "The Pod " has found it.

There were a lot of other positive comments from both men and women testers. The ski was at least two-three seasons old now, but why argue with success. Certainly, this is a ski, worthy of a demo. So go forth and demo.
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hey there everyone,

how come no one has mentioned the rossi bandit x? is it because it doesnt fit into the 'mid-fat' category because it is only 100/67/88? or do people think its a joke? or can it not be handled by mortals? does it just have too specific a feel to appeal to a lot of skiers?

im just wondering, i ski the bandit x in a 191, and i think its great. short radius turns are not a problem, neither is carving gs turns (even without risers). cut through crud like a champ, and even get good float in powder (even with the smaller surface area) the only problem i have is pushing them around in the bumps... but its still possible.

after demoing the xscream series, the modx pro, the dynastar powertrac, and the bandit x, i got the impression that the series and the modx were not as agressive as the other two... it seemed that the powertrac and the bandit x were sort of just scaled down versions of dynastar's and rossi's big mountain skis.

i know nothing can touch the old k2 morrisons, but i think that those skis started a little sub category... super-agressive midfats. i think the powertrac and bandit x fit that as well.

thoughts anyone?

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I can't find this among my old test notes but I'm curious what the dimensions of the Morrison were. Anybody have that right off the top of their head?

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weren't they basically the same as the x-15's? not that i remember or know the dimensions of the x-15... maybe you do though.

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Stockli Stormrider 2. I have yet to find a ski with its combination of versatility, horsepower, and ease of use.
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