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SLC skiing conditions - best conditions now?

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I'm coming into SLC Wed night and was wondering who had the best conditions among Deer Valley, Alta and Snowbird? I'm mostly into blue/black groomers and some moguls so the off piste stuff isn't a big deal. Any local help would be appreciated. I see they finally have some snow in the forecast and it looks like the high pressure ridge is finally breaking down - great news for later in the month but not much help for this weekend....unless it somehow dumps Wednesday....AJ
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Snowbird still has a pretty limited amount of terrain open. Alta, Deer Valley and Brighton all have most of their terrain open at this point (Alta has virtually everything open, but there are a good amount of rocks off-piste). I've only been to Alta and Brighton so far, but they're both in good shape. (If you're a spoiled powderhound, conditions suck. If you're used to skiing in the East, conditions are great...)
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If you want to get your ski legs back in shape with alot of vert on groomers, you can't go wrong with Snowbasin. Last Saturday a guy skied 40,000 vertical feet just roundtripping on the Needles Express Gondola. There are no rocks at all on the runs with snowmaking, so you don't need to bother skiing cautiously through the rock gardens springing up everywhere in Utah. Moguls are scarce right now...anyplace soft enough to form moguls has become pretty much suicidal because of rocks.
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Over at Deer Valley, we have 13 of 19 lifts and currently 23 of 88 runs open. Park City has 17 runs open, the Canyons has 9 runs, according to thier websites.
our base is 20 inchs, i skied all 23 runs in the last 3 days, and not a rock to be found.
The word i have heard from skiers today, who skied PC yesterday, our conditonns are way much better.

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Hey Altagirl, before you go cracking on Eastern skiing too much, just remember that while your mountains are struggling to open a handful of their trails, here in the East Killington has been open for 6 weeks with 140 trails this week and 100+ inches of powder since they opened, Sugarbush and Jay Peak will open the major part of their mountains this week, and Stowe had 100% of their terrain open last weekend, including all of their natural snow trails plus a good deal of the out of bounds skiing that they are famous for. In fact, a ski shop owner that I know just canceled his scheduled trip to Utah last week because the skiing here was too good to leave behind. Don't get me wrong, I know the skiing in Utah is incredible. I love skiing in the West, I have two trips in the bank for this season already, and 95% of the time I would agree with you on your accessment of Eastern skiing. However, unfortunately for you people out there, this is not one of them.
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What else can be said, it ebbs and flows. Remember last year over Thanksgiving, 100 inches in 100 hours made our day here in Utah!

Anyway, I'm doing my snowdance and here's today's forecast from the Utah Avalanche Forecast folks:

"Mountain Weather:

Well, everyone has been wishing for snow and it looks like we’ll get our wish. There is a significant change in the weather pattern brewing for this week. Starting Tuesday night, we’ll get a few inches of snow with some fairly strong winds, which will certainly increase the avalanche danger on the slopes with pre-existing snow. Then, after a break on Thursday and Friday, the long range weather charts continue to insist on a nice-sized storm for the weekend. In the mean time, today will continue to be warm and sunny with 8,000’ temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s and the ridge top winds light from the south and southwest. Tuesday, we will have increasing clouds with snow showers Tuesday night."

Hope they're right!
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