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Utah Condition

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I am heading to Utah on Tuesday (1/6) for a four-day ski trip, and I'll stay in SLC and plan to drive to Park city for the first day of my arrival (to take the advantage of Quick S-T-A-R-T). I knew the snow last week was REALLY heavey, just wandering how the raod condition is now and will be on Tuesday, can my cheap rental car handle it?

The rest three days I'll take the ski bus to alta/snowbird area so I assume it will be fine...

After reading a couple of threads about solo skier burried in deep powder, I'm a bit scared . I'm from east and not very experienced with deep powder -- will ski conservatively, hope turns out OK.
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I just got back and it was great skiing even though the wind was very strong Thurs. Several lifts were closed at DV that day but I still found plenty of skiing for me. I think everyone stayed in that day which left most of the mountain to me! Not crowded at all. I dressed for wind/snow so it wasn't too bad, and sometimes I was the only one on a run, that was awesome as I got to concentrate on improving my carving skills.

The road to Park City is interstate 80, it is kept clear most of the time, plows seem to live on the road during storms. I had a ford escort and got there and back two days last week without any problems. I also drove to Alta on Wed and road was fine then but the bus goes up and down that canyon freq so you don't have to drive it. As long as the canyon is not closed that is! Otherwise, head out I-80 to Park City. Have fun, I can't wait to go back, it is so much better than skiing in the east.
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Bring yer snorkel homie! :
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