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Lord of the Rings movie shot in New Zealand

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If you want to see our wonderful scenery in New Zealand , go see the movie due to be released around Christmas. The first movie is 'Fellowship of the Ring'. They have shot the scenes for a trilogy of 3 movies, one to be released each year (they need a year to do the special effects one each).

New Zealand is a small country with varied geography so was an ideal location. I know some of the areas they were shooting but don't know what is in the first movie yet, it does not open in my city until tonight. There were scenes in our Southern Alps, and on our resident ski volcano. We saw one of the sets being built when we skied Mt Potts, pretty impressive.

Besides the main cast members, the rest of the crew were New Zealanders - director, script writers, special effects - was all done here. The cost of the trilogy is $600 million, reviews to date suggest it is worth it.
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If you are a Lord of the Rings fan and want to know more, the following link has recent news articles and reviews on the movie
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Hey twoKiwis, it is about the only thing about the movie anybody knows, that it was made in New Zealand and you guys won't let us forget it. [img]smile.gif[/img]
Have a Good Christmas. Are you still going to Canada?

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I am hesitant to see the movie because it will just drive me crazy until I can move to South Island next year. I am not the most patient person and seeing where I could be living in 6 months would be TORTURE!
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Lucky you. The South Island will be bit different to Florida but is one of the GREAT places and one of my favourites. (Don't let the twoKiwis know I let you in on their secret, it could lessen trans Tasman rivalry. Although we did still win the footbal (Rugby) so we are probably stil one up.)
Six months to go, you will just get there as the snow begins to fall.
Have a great time and enjoy.
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nomad - we had to cancel our trip unfortunately, the only certainty in life is change, and some things you can't plan for. All going well, I'll be there next year for the Bears gathering, where ever that may be. I have to admit that Aussie had a better year sports wise than we did, but then you have more than 3 times the population to chose from so you have to win sometimes.

My niece now lives in Melbourne and she sent me a Steinlager advert I thought was amusing "What do you call a sophisticated Australian? " Answer - "A New Zealander" (For those of you not in the know, Steinlager is a NZ beer that is sold world wide, including in Aus - and lots of NZ'ers have moved to OZ due to more opportunities and warmer weather).

bnnej1 - good to hear you are still coming down under. Fingers crossed for a good winter.
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I saw the movie yesterday at midnight. I'm not going to give a review or anything, but I will say that one of the things we couldn't stop talking about on the ride home was the absolutely AMAZING scenery! The whole movie, I just kept thinking: "Where do I have to go to hike mountains like these?!" After the movie my friend told me it was filmed in NZ and I thought: "figures... The farthest place from me in the ENTIRE WORLD!"

Oh well, maybe this summer...
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Sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip to Canada. But as you say, these things happen.
Three weeks and I am off with my daughter (18th Birthday present) and son (he gets to pay much of his way by working at KFC) to Big White for 8 days. Can't wait.
Hopefully, I will get back to the South Island next year. Might even get a trip to the North Island (with a work orientation). Is it worth it? Whenever you are in the South it seems to be full of people from the North escaping "crowds".
Hear there was a big party in Wellington last night for the Premiere. Would a party in Wellington be a first?
Have a Good Christmas.
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frankj229 - NZ might be a long way away (11 hours from LAX) but it is cheap for those of you with US dollars to spend. A NZ dollar only buys about 40c US, and a NZ dollar buys about the same as a US dollar. A coffee is $2.50 to $3.00, ski passes range from $35 to $68 - so once you are here it can be a cheap holiday. Everything is less than half for you - great for you but really bad for me when I want to travel. If you want to come ski and see the scenery, mid August to mid September is the best time. The South Island is beautiful in spring. It is a small country so you don't have to travel lots of miles to see varied terrain. The whole country is no bigger than California.

All the best scenery is in the South Island of NZ, so if you are into scenery spend most of your time there( there are two islands North and South).

Nomad - I am envious of your Big White trip, I enjoyed it here on my last trip. I have never skiied in the North Island so cannot offer any advice, I am a South Islander. They have had variable seasons in the North Island due to volcanic activity and snow cover, but they had a good season this year 2001. But if your work only takes you to the North Island then it is definitely worth visiting. I think it is more settled in September, they close a lot in July/August due to weather.
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Is there also skiing on the South Island, or do I have to go north for that?

Because of the distance I have to travel (I'm on the east coast of the U.S.), I want to do as much as I can while I'm there.

Late August/Early September would be right in the peak of ski season, right? So if I wanted some hiking and scenery on the south island, and some skiing on the north island, how much trouble (how expensive) is it to go between the two?

(I'm online right now researching airfare. )
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All the best skiing is in the South Island, it has 22 ski areas - sounds a lot but many of these are club fields with rope tows run by volunteers. Check out www.snow.co.nz

The major commercial areas are in Queenstown and Wanaka, these two areas are in the same province (70 minute drive). The Southern Alps run the length of the South Island and the ski areas are all the way along it. The Lord of the Rings was shot in various parts of the Southern Alps, including Queenstown. In September you could ski as well as hike the valley floors. I have not seen the movie yet but one of the trailer shots looked like it was on the Routeburn track which is accessed from Queenstown. My favourite ski area is Treble Cone, which is based in Wanaka.

Some other web sites http://www.wanaka.co.nz/ http://www.lakewanaka.co.nz/The_Region.html http://www.nzski.com http://www.nzski.com/nzskicom/travel_nz.htm http://www.queenstown-nz.co.nz/ http://www.treblecone.co.nz/

International flights land in AUckland in the North Island. Unless you want to see volcanos and hot mud pools I'd skip the North Island, and fly direct to Christchurch in the South Island. Pick up a rental car, preferably 4WD and drive from there down the Southern Alps. If you want to hike as well as ski, I'd suggest coming in September. Will be spring skiing but weather will be warmer for hiking.

You can travel from the North Island to the South via ferries, but they are quite expensive if you want to take a car across.
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