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Also, check out this thread (if you haven't already found it)
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People are raving about Campitello & Cortina, will the hype satisfy a hunger for leg burn, steeps & a raging nightlife?
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It depends...
If you look for deep powder, well, places where to find it there are scarce. Not that there's no powder...But all runs are (were, at least until my last visit in the area in 1997)
maniacally groomed.
Steeps, there's more than enough all around the
Dolomiti Superski

Nightlife...as much as you like. I prefer quieter place like Colfosco, but Corvara is quite active already.
Get in touch with Gerathlete1, he'll may explain things in a better way...
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Matteo has said it all!
There aren't real steeps anywhere that we found but you may know areas we didn't find. Plenty of long leg burning runs though. As for night life both towns have some,Cortina quite a lot, although bear in mind that Campitello is pretty small, but you can easily get a taxi the 5 km along the valley to Canazei which is a lot bigger.
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Well gera, maybe my definition of "steeps" vis not the same as yours, or maybe I haven't correctly understood which meaning has "steeps"
But, if "steeps" means challenging slopes, then I know what I wouldn't define as steep:
-The black run at La Villa, known as the Gran Risa, the one they run the GS race in mid december.

What I deifne as steep:
-The Forcella del Sasso Lungo (Sasslong Fork) just above Passo Sella, between Canazei and Selva di Valgardena, so steep that the access has been forbidden (there was a cable car bringing people up there, but it has been dismantled years ago)
-A little run at Arabba, known as Surasass (literally: above the stones), when coming down from Porta Vescovo, take the number 7 black run (I think, but I'm not sure about the number) that's the Surasass.
-The forcella del Sass Pordoi
I wouldn't qualify as steep the Val Mesdi/Mittagstall, so wide and nice, it requires a little hike (about 1 hr) from the Pordoi cable car (take a guide, the risk of meeting your fate in an avalanche it's worth the price of the guide, plus they usually take down small groups, 6-7 ppl each guide)
(I wanted to put a couple of pictures here, but the site is not working well, so I removed the link...that's the edit)

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