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Inexpensive lodging near Mt. Snow

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It looks like I will be passing through the Mt. Snow area later in the month (midweek) on business. I will be by myself, and would like to try to get in a couple more days of skiing at a low cost before the season ends.

Anybody have a suggestion for an inexpensive, simple but clean mom & pop type motel nearby? I do want a private room and bath, but basically, that's all I really need.

I did a quick search within Epic and found nothing. Yahoo yellow pages turned up quite a few hits in the area, but only the upscale lodging had web sites listing their rates. Surprisingly, the AAA book for VT only had a couple of listings in the W. Dover / Wilmington area.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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There are a number of motels in the area that certainly don't LOOK upscale; but looks in or around a ski area mean nothing, I suppose.
I would suggest a Yahoo search of motels in Wilmington, Marlboro, West Dover. They don't need their own web sites to be listed there.
Sorry, but I personally don't know of any motels in the area, but this time of year, and with the weather being what it has been, I can't imagine they'll be sold out, especially in mid-week.
Good Luck.
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Thanks, Hugo.

FWIW, I did a Yahoo search and did find all the listings that you refer to. The problem is that most of them only gave a phone number and address but no rate or website. So, unless I start calling them, I have no idea if an individual listing is for a basic mom & pop place, a place where "Dueling Banjo's" is the theme song, or a fancy-schmanzy B&B. That's why I asked for suggestions here.

Since a few of the higher end listings point to websites, I know a few to exclude, but if anyone remembers names of a few basic "I-just-want-to-ski" places, let me know.

Thanks again,

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We stayed in Brattleboro recently when we were at Mount Snow. It isn't far at all. I booked the Holiday Inn on line. It is fairly new and was very good. (hot tub, pool)
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Check out the Old Red Mill near Mt. Snow. Room rates are about 85 bucks a night, and it's a nice little place. They're a couple miles from the mountain.

http://www.placestostay.com/hotel.html?hotel_id=5428&P1=85.84&P2=85.84&BR=http %3A%2F%2Fwww.placestostay.com%2Fsearch.html%3FDUI% 3Dmi%26LA%3D1%26NI%3D2338%26NN%3D1%26DC%3D1&num=11 _1 5&LA=1&NI=2338&NN=1&DC=1

Last time I stayed there was over 10 years ago. However, I drove by recently and the place hasn't changed at all. Still a good bet.

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You may also want to take a look at the lodging properties on my site (link in sig). Navigate to Mount Snow and click the lodging link. Hope this helps!
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If you stay in Brattleboro you reduce your motel bill by 50%! There are several decent motels, some recently renovated, just off of I-91 at the first Brattleboro exit for about $55 plus tax. Many of the motels around Mt Snow are over priced ($120+ a night)on weekends and run down.

If you stay in Brattleboro stop at the Chelsea Royal Diner for a great breakfast. This Diner is on the right hand side of Rt 9 as you head to Mt Snow in West Brattleboro.
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Dude, just stay right at the Mt. in Snow Lake lodge, ski&stay for $65 a nite.

Ph.# is right on their main page.
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The Lodge at Mt. Snow IS a good facility.
After Ski buffet in the bar. Veggies and dip + Fried wings and things. Beer is reasonable too!
The Patrol shows up there regularly (though not this Saturday, Party elsewhere)
Pool, Classic New England Architecture.

No Idea about rates, but I bet it's fair.


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