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Red Lodge/Bridger

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Yeah, so these two areas have gone off the map in the last week. 108" at Red Lodge (formerly known as Rock Dodge), 80" at Bridger since last weekend. DON'T STOP THE INSANITY!
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Taken Feb 5, 2003, during an inch-an-hour storm. Patrol had roped much of the area off-bounds until avvy control and the hogs were getting stupid.
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7 Mary 3 -

There have been so many powder days in a row that a good portion of the MSU student body is in jeopardy of failing this term. Its been insane around here. I don't know if its the heavier snow we've been getting this year or lack of snow stripping winds, but the coverage at Brider is the best since I've moved here in 2000. I've been skiing in areas I dared not tread in previous years, especially the trees off Pierre's Knob.
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Rio, I'm making an emergency trip to Bridger on Thursday night. Will be skiing there and Big Sky Friday thru Sunday.
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I will be skiing locally if I'm in town. A good friend of mine is hoping to ski Discovery Saturday and Lost Trail Sunday so I might join him one or both days depending on my schedule. I'll PM you with details later.

By the way, from the reports I've been getting it sounds like Big Sky has the best upper mountain coverage its had in years.

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Thats awesome news to hear. I might have take a run or two down Big C if it is open.
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