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tahoe area

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Has anybody skied the tahoe area lately. Any reports will be appreciated. thanks
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The snow was very good last weekend. They had just received 6-8" last Thursday. This week has been warm (In the 40'F) with no new snow. Looks to be the same this weekend too. I'm headed up to Kirkwood on Saturday so I'll let you know Sunday.
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Just got back from Kirkwook. Snow was much better then I expected for the tempreatures they have been having. The gooming has been great. Temp was in the 40's and snow was not slushy. If the weather channel is correct, they should have some new snow after mid week.

Just go for it.
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Mt. Rose was very, very windy on Saturday. with generally firm snow. On Sunday Diamond Peak had soft snow in the sun, to ice in the shade. It was spring skiing, but not as warm as spring.
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