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I convinced my dad to go to Fernie, BC for about 7 ski days during the first week of March! We might hit Lake Louise for a day or towo, but from what I here Fernie is superior. Anyone know anyhting about Fernie? Best runs? ANyone live there and like to hook up for some skiing? Thanks!

"There are trails with signs, and there are those with out...Which trail will you chose?"
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Oh no. I just saw that the bears will be up at Fernie from the 22-25 of Feb. We're a week and a half lata
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We skied both in the winter of 2000. Back then the slopes of Fernie were a lot quieter, and Lake Louise was quite busy - even for its size, so the snow was a lot more packed. Both have their own charms.

Even though they are only abouts 4 hours drive apart, the conditions can vary between them so I'd keep flexible so you can go where the best snow is. Fernie does not have the altitude of others and it has been known to get rain on the lower mountain. This happened when we were there but it was great on the higher slopes which made up for it.

We only spent two days at Fernie and only got to experience a fraction of it, it is a big resort. Definitely going back to experience the rest of it.
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Don't know much about Fernie right now, but by March I should know my way around...
Going there early Jan. and staying until... when do they close? <FONT size="1">

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Far and away, the best source of Fernie info is at:

Craig's Unoffical Fernie Pages

If only there were something like this for every resort.

Fernie and Lake Louise are very different. The Lake is HUGE; the back bowls immense. Lots of high alpine feeling. I'm told there are pee-your-pants steeps and chutes if you know where to go, but I'm not that good.

Fernie has great glades and lots of opportunity for untracked by traversing and/or hiking.

I had fabulous snow at Fernie a couple of years ago. I had great snow at Banff the last time I was there. Both places had a once-in-a-century snow drought last season. I don't think you'll regret going to either one.

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Welcome to EpicSki, Arthur! From what I've seen around here, it would be worth it to change your schedule to ski with these guys, if it's possible.

I'm keeping the dates as open as I can. No plans yet to get to Fernie, but I would love to be there, and you never know....

AC--where did you go to school in Maine? I went to Colby and like you, spent a lot of time at Sugarloaf. I can remember mornings waking up to a foot of new snow on the campus, rounding up enough friends to push my old Volvo out of the parking lot and pay for gas, and making a bee-line for Sugarloaf. I haven't skied there now for over 15 years, but I went up a few days ago to see what the place looks like. It's still the same old Sugarloaf, for the most part. The fall colors were at their peak, and the resort was starting to get excited about the upcoming season.

It's easy to get homesick--I've even managed to repress my memories of ice, brutal cold, and rain....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I go to school in CUmberland, Sr. year of High School. Cumberland is about 15 min. north of portland. I have some friends that graduated last year and went to Colby. Sugarloaf is awesome- but I usually ski SUnday River because it's a lot closer. SR has nice tree skiing too. Can't go to Fernie a week earlier because that's when States are for our school ski team Maybe some of you can straggle a few days longer!?
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Im going to be there from around the 7th February. I am staying at Raging Elk hostel. Howboutchoo?
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kb1dqh & arthur, any chance you can adjust your visit and join us? It would be good to have you join us.

Also kb1dqh, where do you go to school in Maine? I went to College in Main -- spent more time at Sugarloaf than on campus. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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AC - I am looking into changing my plans (work - leave, flights, accomodation etc) and as I am travelling by myself i dont envisage too many problems. it would be great to ski with you all. i'll keep you posted. Anyhow, Fernie is really starting to look nice.
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Bob -- I can't believe it, we went to the same college! Look for my PM to reminisce about ol' Mayflower Hill...
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arthur -- is that Fernie this year? Wow!!

kb1dqh -- I may still be there after the official Bears gathering. I'll definitely still be in B.C. somewhere, will let you know if I decide to stay in the fernie area.

Canada_Craig -- hey thanks, I've been wracking my brain to remember the name of that website. Are you the same on Craig as the website?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AC:
Canada_Craig -- hey thanks, I've been wracking my brain to remember the name of that website. Are you the same on Craig as the website?[/QB]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Nope, I'm in Oakville--takes me five hours by jet plus 3.5 hours by car to get to Fernie... :-(

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