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Silverton - Has Anyone Skied It?

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I skied Silverton last Thursday the 13th.

I arrived at the lift/parking lot at 8:30 and I was ready to ski at 9:00 with 39 other people. We received a safety talk and were then divided into groups of 8 per guide. Every person wore a beacon and carried a shovel and probe. The lift was turning out 10 minute rides and the hike from the top of the lift to each area was 10 to 45 minutes long. Once at our ski point we all took turns skiing one at a time in an area directed by our guide. Usually we would ski about 200 meters at a time, stop and scope out the next line. A run was about 1000 vertical meters.

I have to say that I was with a fantastic group. They all skied very well and no-one complained or held back the rest of our group. Being with a good group is a big part of the success of this type of experience.

The terrain is in fact like they claim ...mind blowing. Velocity Basin is huge, steep, huge and steep. How steep? We down-climbed a fixed rope into a couloir. Our guide said we could slip it without the rope in hand if we wanted but pointed out that Seth Morrison used the rope a few weeks ago while saying "better to be safe and ski another day". So, we all used the rope (like it was even an option.) How huge? Nobody skis the south facing side of Velocity Basin because it would take many hours to hike it. There's talk of a surface lift that would free the access for their guided operations.

We skied all sorts of snow conditions. Gloopy glop, rotten sun exposed, wind crust, sun crust and of course powder. The powder was laying for us on the most northern facing aspects and in the trees. It was so sweet. The other conditions presented a fun challenge for all of us to practice our ski anywhere skills. It was fun too.

I'm definitely going again. Next time I want to go with a group of people I know. Maybe one of you core riders would like to free up some time to do a Silverton trip.
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Ditto here..

Next year I think I'll try to arrange a group of 8. It's a little hard getting thrown into a group where you don't know a lot of the people. Thankfully, we had people sit out that didn't like it.

The conditions I skied were different than Pinhed's. The avalanche danger was pretty high (we were there the week before.) Most of the stuff we skied was in or near trees, most of the slopes were less than 40 degrees. But all of the snow was powder, usually knee to waist deep. I used a pair of Pocket Rockets and they worked fine. I wouldn't have wanted a normal alpine ski.

Oh, another tip - since they operate Thu - Sun, it seems like Thu might be the best day to go. You have the potential of getting the best tracks.

Here's some pics:

Silverton pics
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