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jay peak-superbowl weekend

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Staying at the Jay Hotel Sat-Mon super bowl weekend.Any preferred place to watch the game-any good bars(any bars at all?)In town or at Jay?Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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There are two bars in the Tram base area one in the Hotel Jay and the other is the Golden Eagle in the lower level of the Lodge. The Eagle may be closed by game time, but the hotel bar stays open late. Enjoy the game and rip up the slopes.
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I just spent 2 nights at the Hotel Jay Sun. & Mon this week. Don't remember the bar being a particularly great place to watch a game. I popped in briefly and only recall a small television, and no patrons, but I could be wrong.

Maybe it will be a little busier for the Super Bowl. Otherwise you might want to pick up a six pack, take your shoes off and watch it on your bed. If you're looking for a lively place, the Hotel Jay isn't it. There should be somewhere back in town with a big screen to watch the big game. The folks at the Hotel Jay are very nice, and if you ask them I'm sure they'll have an idea.

BTW the food at the Hotel Jay is very good, but the mountain could use some new snow. A lot of wind-blown icy spots on many trails, nice PP on some, and knee deep powder in Beyond Beaver Pond Glade, where apparently all the snow had blown into.

All mogul runs were 1" of powder on hard crust with 2-4" of wind packed powder in the troughs. Try and find which glades have the best powder and the least snowboarders.

I have NEVER seen a mountain with more snowboarders than Jay Peak had this week. It was ridiculuous. It wasn't crowded, it was just 60% snowscrapers. : Apparently the love the place because it does have such great glades, Dude.
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