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Long Distance Bus Travel

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Is it slight discomfort or a total pain?

Thinking about getting away from Austria for a week early Feb 2003 (gets me away from Austrian School holidays). A friend has found a great deal for Tignes, France - one week apartment, self catering inc lift ticket for just over 500 Euro (495 USD, 275 GBP). Only downside is that it's a long bus ride from Graz, Austria. The full journey will take approx 12-15 hours each way although the bus has seats that fold flat so you can sleep through the night. Looking for honest opinions/advice from people with experience.

Thanks in advance.


PS If anybody knows any good English speaking (English, US or Australia) guides / off piste ski instructors in Tignes please put the details here.

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Hey DB,

I did a 12 hour bus trip in the states with a broken tail bone (after I stupidly tried snowboarding) It was overnight and it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be...i did take lots of pain killers tho. I was on a regular greyhound bus, so if you have seats that lay flat then i dont think it would be a huge problem [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I used to do a long, long bus trip to Colorado/Montana from Michigan every year when I was in college. The trips ranged from 25 - 36 hours depending on the drivers, weather and destination. 5 -6 buses would leave Michigan with 60+ people on each bus. We would stop at one fast food joint and really confuse the people working there. The one rule for the trip was "low volume, high impact." Which basically said no beer, liquor only. Can't have the bathroom lining up to bad. I can honestly say that I saw some of the most interesting things on those busses/trips that I ever saw/did in college. They wern't the most comfortable trips in the world, but I wouldn't trade any of them.

Advice: Take a pillow, take a bottle, take a book, take coat/blanket, take a CD player, take your open mind.
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I don't think that 12-15 hours will be that bad. I used to go to France from Sweden every year. That trip takes 34-36h depending on whrere in France your going. Leave Thursday night, ski 8 full days and bus home Saturday night. It's not a fun ride, but hey, I'm still alive... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
Good luck!
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Among other things people have suggested, take along ear plugs, eye shades, sleeping pills, and possibly gravol. A Game Boy breaks up the boredom too. Beware the video bus. I took a 15 hr bus trip once and until 2 AM cheap movies were playing, blaring at high volumes, in a language I didn't understand. No fun. In some places the bus lavatories rarely get cleaned; not only unusable, but you don't want to sit anywhere near them. Bus stop food makes airline food look really good.

If I can't drive to my destination and the bus will take longer than about 6 hours, I now go by plane or train.
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Thanks for the tips - Here's the link (german), some of the photos look good (left hand side). The bus travels from 22:00 Fri to midday Sat so hopefully we can sleep most of the time. Travelling by air would be much more expensive and there would still be a long transfer from the airport.



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