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Snowmass Accomdodations

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Anyone have any advice on the most efficient, reliable way to book Snowmass digs? I've tried working with their central reservations and I don't think they got it together. Wasted time and energy. Should I try to contact the individual condos or go through somebody like moguls? Thanks, skidoc
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I would call the condo complex. The reservationist should know what units are the nicest in that complex. If you tell them just what you want and are nice, they would more likely give you the better units for your needs. If moguls sends them an e-mail with a reservation, they are more likely just filling empty space.
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I'd give Moguls a call. I went through the same headaches trying to deal with their central reservations dept, and I ended up booking with Moguls. I usually don't deal with ski tour operators, I can generally do better on my own, but in this case they were able to get me the accommodations that I wanted for a good price, and I'm the kind of person that is willing to research these deals a lot before I put my money down. The person that I dealt with there was named Jared. I'd give him a try.
Good Luck
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Thanks for the info. I think I'll try the condos first if I can get anyone and if not Moguls second. skidoc
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Use the web; last year we got a terrific deal @ Stonebridge Lodge (adequate) via their site with a few back-and-forth e-mails. Good luck!
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just got back last week from a stay there....i would contact the condo directly unless it is too high...if you want a recommendation i would stay at the silvertree or mountain chalet right by the snowmass mall area...we stayed at timberline which had very small rooms and we walked 30 steps to the slopes(a friend had a sliding door out to the slopes)...poor service from the desk though but transportation/bell hops were awesome....skied to the mall for breakfast and such but were too high above the mall to walk(yea, it maybe only 150 yards but it was up).....silvertree and mtn. chalet are like hotel rooms but at least they are right where all the rental places and eating places are
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GPaul and eyedoc, thanks for the info. I was emailing Timberline but I think I'll add the mountain chalet and compare. 30 steps isn't my idea of ski in ski out. skidoc
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i will also p.m this message to you but i want to make sure you get this message....when i mean 30 steps, i mean i walked 30 steps and got in my bindings, this from the door of my condo...i meant to mean this was AMAZING....most ski in/out places you have to walk down the hall, up steps or down elevator, thru the lobby or thru locker areas, up more steps or walk 100 yards to the lift.....i'm telling you, 30 steps from the condo we stayed in(be sure to ask for main building if you stay at timberline if you don't mind a studio, and you will be in you bindings and skiing to the lift......
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