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Aspen and 2nd resort?

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Hi there
I am going to Aspen in February for 2 weeks. As I am travelling from the UK I would like to use the opportunity to sample a second resort for 3 or 4 days. i am an expert skier who likes to ski off piste or guided backcountry.

I am thinking about jackson hole or salt lake city but reckon that they are probably too far away to reach by surface transportation?

i guess vail would be more appropriate.
could you also please recommend any nice low budget accommodation (i am sorted for aspen as i will be staying with a friend).

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Hello Markus,

Sounds like a great trip.

Are you flying in and out of Denver? Do you fly from Denver to Aspen or do you plan to rent a car? If driving you can ski Vail on your way to or from Aspen. You could do a day trip to Vail from Aspen (2 hr drive). Unfortunately the words nice, low budget, and Vail, do not usually go in the same sentence. You could check the Roost Lodge in Vail or Comfort Inn in Avon (base of Beaver Creek and 10 minutes to Vail). You could stay in Summit County. It is approximately 30-minute drive to the east of Vail. Know for the ski the summit campaign of years ago. From there you can ski A-Basin, Keystone, Breckenridge and Loveland.

As far as SLC, It's about a six hour drive. You might be able to get a train from Glenwood Springs.
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Hm.. off piste.. guided backcountry.. For a truly unique experience try Silverton.
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thanks for your replies, Vailrider and BV.

I was planning to fly into Aspen (via denver). not so keen to hire a car but my aspen friend mentioned that i could borrow hers.

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Hi Crash,

Sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned. The idea vailrider had about driving around to Vail and staying in Avon is a good one. You could drive over one morning, ski that day and stay in Avon, ski the next day and then return to Aspen that evening. The drive is pretty easy on excellent highways and no mountain passes. Those two days should give you a good taste of Vail and it back bowls, and not cost you too much.

With the auto availability, you might want to use the other two days on a road trip to Crested Butte on the other side of the mountain. The trip isn't terribly long, but the roads are not of the highest caliber, so you will want to check road conditions before going. With a two week window to do this in, you should be able to pinpoint a couple of days with good driving conditions. It's not a large ski area, but serves up some of the best expert terrain in Colorado. Skiing Crested Butte and Highlands Bowl at Aspen Highlands covers much of the toughest that Colorado has to offer inbounds. Crested Butte has a nice hostel you can look into for your overnight stay.

I don't think you will be disappointed by staying in Colorado for your second resort. Your skiing location is fabulous compared to anything on this continent.
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Since you have 2 weeks then SLC would be an easy option were you're done ripping in Aspen.....
But do consider BV's advice..You can't go wrong at Silverton.
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