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I was wondering if anyone has been to Searchmont recently. We are having a work ski trip for 3 days and the 10 of us are looking forward to the slopes. Thanks in advance.
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Are you in the states? The skiing is great as well as the Bang for the Buck if you are coming from the states. The Water Tower Inn is a great place to stay at also. Blue Mountain is another place in Canada, but it's in another direction.

Mike from Mich
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Thanks for the input. We went Mon-Wed and stayed in one of the Chalet's at the base of the hill. We had a great time and had awesome weather too. The numbers were really low. I heard they were close to going bankrupt, I can see why. There is absolutely nothing around the resort (restaurants, hotels, etc.), with the closest being a 40 minute drive into the Soo. We didn't mind though, we had 9 of us from work, all guys, so it was ok. The biggest dissapointment was the hours of operation, 9:30-4:30. What's up with that?

Also from Mich...go Blue!!!
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We live in the Ann Arbor area so it's a toss up, but my brother has great luck going to Blue Mountain. Again, taking advantage of the exchange rate. Yes, you're right about the Searchmont area, there just isn't anything around. Glad you enjoyed it though.
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I'm in Grand Rapids and I'm not familiar with Blue Mountain. Where's it at?
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Blue Mountain is North and a little East of the Windsor/Sarnia area. I believe the town is Collingswood. Go to www.bluemountain.ca
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