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a basin & keystone conditions

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headed to summit county 1/31 & wondering what conditions are like as I see denver has been awfull warm, any snow in the forcast.
thanks bteddy
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Potentially a little light snow over the next few days, nothing big in sight. Dust on crust may be the rule for awhile. Groomers are fine, anything else could go either way depending on exposure, sun, traffic etc.

Denver had a bit of freezing rain this morning and was actually colder than Summit County. We just had strong winds and temps around 30.
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I skied Breck today. As S&G mentioned, it was considerably warmer and sunnier in Summit Co. than in Denver (on my way home it was like night fell an hour early as soon as I got to Morrison). I skied almost exclusively off of the t-bar (peak 7/8), and it was surprisingly good, considering how badly we have been starved for new snow- at least much better than I expected. A fair amount of crust, but nothing that you couldn't carve through, and even the Horseshoe Bowl and Contest Bowl on 8 were pretty good. There are numerous spots where snow was blown ONTO the slope, making for some nice turns in the soft stuff (but nothing that lasted more than a few turns!). There are also quite a few bare spots near the ridges where it gets windblown, and the winds were too high today for me to want to take the hike to the summit of 7 or 8. I may go to the Basin for half a day on Friday- I'll post a report if I make it.
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That is soooo depressing to hear.
We are coming out the second week in Feb.
The last two time i have been out there the conditions have
been crusty with bare spots. UGH! I want to ski some powder for
a change!
Really looking to try the new peak 7 area.
I hope that high pressure leaves and you guys get a big dump
between know and then!
All locals do a snowdance. It worked for us in the east so far.
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Your posting topic was Keystone and A-Basin, and I notice no replies regarding those specific areas, so will respond re those. Colorado remains in a drought, and we would really be hurting now except that we got early season snow. Too, Keystone has cranked up its snow making now and is still making snow; usually this is shut down at Christmas. Keystone also is back up to its normal high standard of grooming slopes, after a difficult start earlier in the year. I ski Keystone regularly, teaching there, and have had some of the best skiing on groomed slopes I have ever had. Two of the bump runs also are in the best condition I have ever seen (12 years working there) and others are in as good a shape as normal. There are still a few slopes that need to be avoided, but I would not avoid the mountain, so come out and have a ball.

I am not as familiar with A-Basin, but skiied there earlier in the year. Then the snow was thin, but they have had storms since. Reports from folks who have gone up there have been very positive.

Do not be depressed. We're having a good time out here.

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bteddy, skied at Keystone this past Fri-Sun. We got about 5" Friday night. The snow is pretty nice, no lines! For bumps try Catdancer, it was wonderful on Sat also Bighorn had very soft intermediate bumps. Some of the more popular runs, Mozart schoolmarm were a bit hardpacked we avoided them.

There are some rocks in places but overall we had a great time!
Heard that they will be making snow till the end of the month, then no more. Not sure if this is true or not though.
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thanks everyone, we sent our skis & boots fed ex so they are waiting at the convention center for us, can't wait to be skiing friday afternoon, now lets hope for lots of snow, hope to ski with some bears this trip even though most are lucky enough to be in utah.
thanks again bteddy
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bteddy we maybe up again this weekend would love to try and meet for some turns. send me a pm if your interested
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I skied Keystone yesterday, 1/29. Conditions were pretty much what I expected - packed powder/groomed, be careful of rocks on the steeps and bumps. HOWEVER, they had snow guns running ALL DAY on the Outback (3rd mountain) so I spent most of the day there skiing through some fresh man made that even made it over to a blue bump run with a couple inches of fresh man made. Blue sunny sky, it was great.
A-Basin has been good, still a little "rocky" in the Pallavicini area. A-Basin has been fairly "regular" for new snow the last few weeks.
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"They" are forecasting a couple of significant dumps coming up. One on Sunday and the next one on Tuesday. After that light snowfall expected all the way to next Friday. It's definitely coming!
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The sunbaking is currently superb in Summit\Eagle County ... The skiing is spring like but still enjoyable. Beware the morning freeze when venturing off the groomers but hey there are NO crowds. Forecast is for snow this week .... mmmm must be that magic snow that falls when the sun shines.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hope you had a great time! It was very nice getting in a few runs with you. Just wish we could have found some soft snow! Hopefully it got better later in the week.
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