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Thankdsgiving skiing? Anywhere?

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To borrow and expand Lodro's topic a bit, where if anywhere will we find decent skiing for Thanksgiving this year? Jay have anything? Montana? Whistler?
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Whistler is claiming 3ft mid mtn with 25cm fresh in the last 24hrs. Thats where I'll be
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I posted this in May

--its been cold and rainy/snowy all week in Denver. The entire rest of the country is having spring and summer and we are stuck with weather more suited to November! --

So now its November and we are having the weather I wanted in May. I'm SORRY! I take it all back!

Jane pease send us that weather!!!
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Is Whistler open now? What else is open? Here in Colorado we will have skiing on manmade by Thanksgiving at Breck, Keystone, Vail, Loveland, Copper, and Winter Park. That's my guess, there is absolutely no snow in the forecast for us either.

It'll come, just never soon enough.
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Banff appears to getting their share of the white stuff this year. Lake Louise is open with about 60% of their terrain open. The front side is still poor down on the lower mountain, but the upper areas are in pretty good shape. --Sunshine Village opens Saturday the 17th. They will only have 5 lifts running this weekend, but will probably open up the two quads on Lookout Mountain for the holiday. At just a quick glance, it appears this area may offer the most real choices for next week. --They are looking at getting snow regularly for the next couple of days.(and your chances of getting rained on getting on the lift are much less than out on the coast!) Hope you have a wonderful ski holiday! -- I'm jealous! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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if you live anywhere near the Midwest keep an eye open. I anticipate many areas to be at least partially open...snow is in the air...
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Big Sky is opening on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, not much will be open. Mr. K (a long beginner run) will definitely be open with manmade snow. If it cools down (which is what is forecast) so they can run the snow makers all day then Ambush (a good intermediate run) will also be open. They need another foot to open the bowl area. The weather service has predicted snow this weekend so we'll have to wait and see.
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As of 7:26:21 AM on 11/16/01
New Snow: 2 inches
Skies: Overcast
Timberline Base Snow Depth: 0 inches
Palmer Base Snow Depth: 36 inches
Temp: 35 degrees
Wind: 5-10 SW mph
Palmer & Magic Mile open.
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According to Jay Peak's marketing rep at Boston's ski show, Jay is completely covered in natural snow and plans to open Friday after Thanksgiving.
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