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That is it, I looked so depressed over the weekend that my family lets me escape 70 degree weather in Boston for a few days.

Any tips on skiing Utah for cheap? Any websites with last minute deals? Any tips would be much appreciated.

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I think that if you stay at a resort for three days, you get tickets anywhere for $20.02, or you get that off the price of a ticket, not sure, but there is a deal like that. Also, if you stay in Salt Lake City, you can stop at grocery stores, REI, or other sports shops and get tickets to Snowbird for around $10 off. Also try gas stations for deals. Alta is only $38 for a day of skiing, $29 for a half anyway. Not a bad price. Have a great trip.
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If you are skiing Alta snowbird then stay in Salt Lake city rooms are pretty cheap there.There are some Hotels/logding that has the stay 3 night get lift tickets for $20.02 per day.Deeer valley is Opening on Sat and they have a $20.02 lift ticket all week end no lodging needed.By The way it is snowing again and should snow off and on this whole week.
I am sure other Utah Bears will have more info on where to stay in Salt Lake City.Places to eat ect...By the way we are Happy to share our Powder with you and any other Bears.There is a brew pub here in Park City,Wastach breweries.Thier motto is "We Drink our share and sell the rest." In this case "we ski our quota and share the rest"
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Snowbird has a base of over 70", yet only 17/82 runs and 5/10 lifts are open. Alta is 100% open. What gives at Snowbird?
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Thanks for the reply guys. One more thing that I was wondering if I do end up staying in the SLC how is the shuttle service from there - I do not really want to deal with the rental car? And what are the chances of the roads to the ski areas being closed with all the snow that you have been getting.

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If you can get to a UTA stop, you can hop on and be up the mountain in 20 minutes. If you can get to the canyon, put your thumb out, somebody will pick you up, I would (look for the soft top Jeep with the box on top). Pending where you stay, expecially downtown, you might want to rent a car, opt for 4x4 and you won't have to deal with chains or the bus/hitching to get up the canyon on a powder day. Its about a 35-50 minute drive to almost every resort from there (except Snowbasin and Powder Moountain). As far as the road being closed, thats pretty rare, and they work hard to reopen in. Thats usually an avalanche that does that. Can be avoided if you stay in a resort.

Tip: If you ski Snowbird and opt for beers after skiing on the deck, go downstairs and grab a 6-pack from the store (by the elevator), it will save you about 75% over buying them on the deck.
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The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird should have some early season deals. And The Rustler and Peruvian have four to six bunk dorms that are cheap. I stayed in one when the canyon avalanched and nobody could get home..good comraderie. And for cheap and funky in Park City, the Cheateau Apri can't be beat. Those 50's ski posters in the halls aren't reproductions. The circular Swiss fireplace in the lobby is really swinging too. Lots of college ski clubs and girl scout troops. The classy dirtbag's choice when it's too cold to sleep in the car.
the $20.02 lift ticket is for real.

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There is a lot of confusion out there about that $20.02 deal. It is, as I understand it, a *discount* of $20.02 off the regular ticket price at whichever resort you choose to ski. Also, you have to stay with the lodging group that's sponsoring the promotion.

That said, Alta and Solitude both have reasonable lift ticket prices and Solitude allows you to buy per-ride ticket packages in addition to all day tickets.

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