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Vail "must-do's"/tips ??

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All right. Decision made, Vail it is. Good or bad.

So, what would people recommend:
- bars
- restaurants
- trails (groomers, steeps, bumps, trees)
- other?

We are also planning a day at Beaver Creek, and for some of us, a day at A-Basin (so, trail recommendations on those two are also welcome for our day trips)


And.. have any of you tried the 'adventure center' stuff (like the laser tag, night ski biking, sledding, etc..)

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spend a day at Beaver Creek, great mountain.

Put powder baskets ( wide ones) on your poles
in case it snows so you can get out of the back bowls.

Start studying the trail map now to get around.

Sign up for SCSA guiding service!
Have fun.
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Definately a day or two at the Beav.

Check out The Birds of Prey downwill course. Starts off of Golden Eagle run. One of my favorite runs. Go all the way to the top, turn right, follow the signs. Can't miss it.
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One of Colorados best resturants is in Vail, Sweet Basils. Rather pricey but worth it. Reservations highly suggested!
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Lots to do in Vail.. lesse..

For bars there's a bunch. The George is a nice place to relax. If you're in that neighborhood (Vail Village) there's a ton of bars within stumbling distance. I wish I could recommend an outstanding restaurant.. but I don't remember any names off the top of my head.

For skiing - bowls. I could ski the bowls all day, every day, all season and not get sick of 'em. Blue Sky Basin is the new addition that opened a few years ago and it's really nice. If you decide to really ski Blue Sky Basin take a lunch with you - the commute back up to Two Elks or all the way to the village is killer. There's a little heated building to duck into to eat and warm-up.

As far as the night stuff goes - it's really cool! I took some non-skiing friends over there a few years ago and we went up the gondola at night. We played laser tag up there. At about 11,000' it's a heck of a workout. I was dying at the end. There's also a tubing hill up there that's not too bad. The ice skating looks pretty nice, but I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone out there. There is a bar that's open at night up there, so you can run back inside for chips and salsa, etc.

If you're going to visit multiple resorts, keep an eye on the weather. Vail gets storms that Copper doesn't get, likewise for A Basin and Breck. Each resort is going to get dumped on differently and you might want to be flexible when/where you go. I didn't catch when you said you were going, but IMHO I wouldn't bother with A Basin before Feb 1.
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Drop a line when you come out.
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Hey BV, question.

The laser tag.. is it outside and in the dark? Could you tell me more about it (one of my friends is really interested)
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Yeah, the laser tag is definitely cool. It's outside, in the dark, on a nifty little area they have set up. There's some fake tunnels you can run into, trees, and open space. It's not incredibly huge, but then again the last thing you want to do is run all over the place. I climbed on top of one of the tunnels, layed down flat, and spent about 10 minutes picking people off. The laser tag sensors have lights on 'em, so you know where the other people are. It's definitely more fun with lots of people - we waited about an hour so we could go out with a group of about 8.
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