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Current conditions in southern New Hampshire?

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I going to hit the slopes next Wednesday or Thursday for the first time this season! Just a day trip to southern New Hampshire (I live just west of Boston). Anyone been to Sunapee or Gunstock (or ???) in the last few days? How was it? Thanks!
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No answers, huh? OK well, I'm going to Sunapee tomorrow. I'll let YOU guys know how it is!
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The rain last weekend really hurt the whole area, ski-wise. Just about every area was shut down Sunday and Monday. The recent cold has been good for snow making, and last night we got 6-8 inches but with strong winds. Thursday should be good. it all depends on the snow making ability of the area to rebuild from last week's rain. I'd say Sunapee would be a fair bet. Good luck!
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Skied Loon during the rain storm and the snow wasn't even half bad then - my experience with Sunapee has been that the snow is usually better than a lot of NH resorts - given our recent snow I'd bet it has recovered pretty well. I was up at Wachusett last night (hey it was a Tuesday night...) and even they had decent coverage - all man made - but no ice.
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Yeah! Well, we went to Sunapee yesterday, and it was pretty darn good! Only about half the trails were open, 'cause they were blowing snow on the others. The ones that were open had good cover - generally hard-packed but not icy. We had a great day! My son only ran into me twice!
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Vt Skier - Wachusett, huh? They really had decent coverage? Were all three trails off the main chair open and in good shape? It's only an hour away from us, so we go there sometimes when we're too lazy to drive far. (We're just a few miles west of you on 109.)

By the way, a few years ago, I tried Klein Innsbruck in Franklin (20 minutes away). Don't bother - it's like Nashoba, only not as good. On the other hand, it's still a heck of a lot better than my back yard!
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All three trails off the main quad were open - plus everything off the new quad - the only thing not open were the two (blues I think) that swing to the far skiers right off the old quad.

I've actually skied Klien's before - it's about fifteen minutes from my house so I had to give it a shot. It is actually now closed for good.
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I skied Sunapee for the first time on DEC.29. Its surprising to see how well these small resorts are run. {was at Bretton Woods for New Years} One caveat, I was following my husband, who had read the trail map incorrectly. Ended up going down a black diamond. {I'm a low intermediate} Oh well! I lived to tell the tail! One thing I learned at Sunapee, is that although I live in New England, I'm not good at classic New England Skiing. Most of my skiing has been at Whistler or Sunday River. Wide at trails that follow the fall line. Got to start getting used to those twisty narrow things. Been working on practicing short radius turns.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Jim -
Did you end up getting the day for free? They were comp'ing everyone full day tickets once they closed. It turned out to be sweet redemption when I used it last Sunday to ski after the storm!
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