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Big Mountain Lodging

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My ski group is leaning toward Big Mountain for our annual trip. We'll probably go from Feb. 4-9 and there will be 6-8 people. Does anyone have any specific lodging recommendations? I'm leaning toward renting a ski-in/ski-out condo as opposed to staying in Whitefish. I'm most interested in lodging right now, but any other advice is greatly appreciated. I'm starting to get really psyched about the trip!
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I have only stayed on hill once and that was at the Kandahar. It was nice. I usually go in the summer and Golf. Then we alway stay at the Grouse Mountain Lodge which I have found to be very
nice. Toby the manager is also a really nice guy and a pretty good skier.
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Do you take the train or fly? I'll fly, but just curious if anyone has taken the train.

I checked on Kandahar and Grouse and they both look nice, but neither caters to a large group.
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Originally posted by SkiKing:
I'll fly, but just curious if anyone has taken the train.
We took the train once, and flew once. The train was lots of fun. Flying the puddle jumper from Missoula made me airsick.

The Big Mountain is a great place, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Definitely stay slopeside and have dinner at the Hellroaring Saloon. After dinner, you can ski in the dark back to your lodge/condo. We did.

Some photos from our train trip, March 2001.
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I always fly into Glacier. Delta and Northwest both fly large jets if you don't like little planes. The train may be nice from Seattle, but from Chicago it would be a pain. Drive up to
Fernie for a day or two. The drive is real easy and its a much better mountain.
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Speaking of Fernie, does anyone know if there are busses or vans that regularly drive between Whitefish and Fernie? We could rent a car for the day, but I'd rather have someone else do the driving if that's an option.

Thanks for the advice so far!

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