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Aspen/Snownass April 5-12?

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Hey, I know that any month-out snow forecast is 99% speculation and tea-leaf reading....but what do you Central Colorado folks feel about this year's season holding up well into the week of April 5 at Snowmass and Aspen?

My 9 y.o. daughter's school vacation is that week. She loves the kids ski school group at Snowmass. There are some really nice deals for lodging & lift tickets that week in Snowmass. (I think that this is the last official operating week at Snowmass for the ski season).

A month ago I thought that we might head this April out to Banff/Lake Louise---but right now it looks to me like Central Colorado has as good a chance as anywhere out West to have decent snow consitions that week.

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The snowpack should be fine. Surface conditions could be anything, most likely spring like. Highlands closes on Sunday the 6th, I would hit it for sure.
I get back on the 30th and I will post an update.
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