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Tahoe Conditions

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Can anybody report on current conditions? I'm going at the end of the month and this long stretch of 70's and sunny cannot be good. I know that historically March is a great time for big dumps but I'm starting to wonder if I should take my golf clubs along.
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Originally posted by DougF:
Can anybody report on current conditions? I'm going at the end of the month and this long stretch of 70's and sunny cannot be good. I know that historically March is a great time for big dumps but I'm starting to wonder if I should take my golf clubs along.
every two years we get an inshore flow of air but it usually lasts only 2-3 days; this year, however, it's lasted 2 weeks already and looks like it will stay another week at least

before this warm spell we got a 5 ft dump, so there's still plenty of snow (13 ft base at Squaw even as of today) however, skiing in this warm weather is no fun imho

last year we got 4 weekends in a row in late Mar/early April of 3 ft per weekend so anything is possible but the long range forecast as of Sat march 13th does not look good for Tahoe

definitely plan to bring the golf clubs
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golf clubs i am golfing now.
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Not to be negative, but still no snow and hot weather. And, it looks the forecasted snow for next week is gone. How about an honest report on conditions? We might be able to reschedule for later in April or even next year if conditions are really nasty.
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I'm scheduled to be there March 30- April 3.
The way I look at it, it's still getting below freezing at night, so they can make snow if need be, and they're probably doing a good job of grooming what they've got.

If you're set on skiing powder, you're screwed. But if you just want to ski the mountain, and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery, you're probably in luck.

From my sources, the snow at higher elevations seems to be holding up well.
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they retired the snowguns three weeks ago at Heavenly so I'm assuming they are confident that their base depth will hold up throughout the season. As long as it doesn't rain, I'll be happy...
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PM me some means of contacting you if you're interested in teaming up for squaw.

It'd likely be Thu. 4/1, or Fri. 4/2.
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I was there was 55 degrees at 10,100 ft (65+ at the bottom) but the mountain was still open, including Mott/Killebrew. Not a whole bunch of people. Alot of t-shirts. A couple rocks around, enough to keep aware, especially if you don't know each one personally.

There is an on-shore flow developed since yesterday. Cooled off alot here in central valley this evening. Dunno if the precip will develop this weekend...hope so....gonna be there again.

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Did you only ski Heavenly ? I've got lift tickets for one day at Kirkwood. Do you know if the conditions are better out there ?
Can you ski throughout the day at Heavenly or does it become unskiable after 1PM ?
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I only skied for a couple hours at heavenly, from 11 am to 3 pm. Snow coverage is actually really good all the way down to the bottom still, it was just warm. You can ski the whole day, even at 55 degrees - just bring a t-shirt and sunscreen. Wasn't at kirkwood - but it would have been about the same temperature and snow - with a deeper base and bigger dumps. Maybe I'll go there this wknd. A foot of snow coming tonite. If so, tomorrow's a sickday, I mean, a skiday.

As far as skiability, heavenly and kirkwood are gonna be as good as it gets around lake tahoe during warm weather, as the other resorts have lower bases and tops.
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the weather forecast seems to be going up on its estimates for the snow storm. They were originally talking 6-12" above 7500 feet and now they are saying 7-14"... who knows where it will stop...
Steve_s don't ski all the pow away before Thursday !
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Heh heh heh. Gonna be good.
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Winter has returned to Tahoe! at least for a day.

Thursday was a white out powder day. Whee haa..

Most of the mountain to day was packed powder with a little bit of hard pack peeking through.

the wind was blowing pretty good and it stayed partly cloudy most of the day so the snow stayed in great shape.

2 lessons today both wanted to learn to ski crud and steeps. I had a blast and it's always great to see so much improvement in your students. [img]smile.gif[/img]

PS The "Famous" Silverbelt race happens tomorrow. it should be very interesting. I got to watch some of the qualifiers today. It's a very interesting line they picked for the race.
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I was at Alpine on Friday and skied over a foot of new. The base is still deep and I think they plan on staying open through most of May. If you're going to ski more than a couple of days check out their Spring Pass.
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Headed out there Easter weekend I hope the Easter bunny serves up some fresh pow!!!
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Don't count on it. Sunny and 60 for the next 3 days.

Things were pretty much sh!tsville today after 12:30.

But hey, I'm not working!!!
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I'll be at the Bowl Thurs-Saturday Noon.

If not teaching I'll be skiing and working on tasks.
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Don't fret...skiing Tahoe yesterday was great with near perfect corn. Today Alpine's high is in the low 40 with a cool north wind.

The forecast temperature has been way off, usually 10-15 degrees cooler at the resort level (7,000ft)then the forecast for "Tahoe".

Spring corn is second only to fresh powder...
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