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Silverton Mtn

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Where is this in regards to Denver or Summit County area?
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Its around a 4 Hour Drive to Silverton from the Denver & Summit areas. Its in the SouthWest part of the state. You'd love it, very different topography from the rest of CO's mountains, the San Juans are Volcanic mountains unlike the pressure-ridge mountains in most of the state. Meaning they are generally more sharply defined (steeper, more rugged). And even though its further south, that part of the state gets the most snow in the state.
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I read an article about Silverton (or about a guy in his late 20s who started up an extreme-skiing operation in SW Colorado) a while back, but can't remember the specifics. Is it cat-skiing or lift-serviced? I couldn't find a URL anywhere...

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should answer most of your questions.
great article in last months freeskier on it also.
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THIS IS HILARIOUS. My uncle and I were backpacking last summer in the San Juans. We hiked from Lake City (or lake town, somthing like that) to SIlverton. Awesome scenery, no trails so there were no people. Anyway, hiking down the divide, into Silverton, both my uncle and I commented on how the terrain suited a ski area perfectly. Well, wala, here it is. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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