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Kicking Horse - Who's Been?

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In a couple of weeks I'm heading to Kicking Horse and then Fernie.
I have heard great stuff about Fernie but has anyone been to Kicking Horse?

From what I hear it is mainly expert terrain with over 4000' of vert.
No services, no glitz, just great skiing.
Sounds like my kinda place.
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I just got back ( as in late last night, 8 hour drive in snow with a failed 4wd) from three days, foru nights.

Bottom line, thumbs up.

I will be putting together a reprot with digital photos and more, I may post a copy here.

Specific questions, fire away.

I had two days of sunshine, NICE packed powder and the most perfect bumps I've been on in years; one day of 30+ cm of champagne fluff that the locals dubbed the best day yet.

I did about 24K vertical everyday, the hubby got in 40K on his TELEs, ( I took a lesson, he skied his brains out)

so fire away, gang.

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Nope - though I have been kicked by our horse. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Irulan, thanks for the info. I look forward to seeing your full report and checking out the pics.
I am hoping that they get a late March dump.
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