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Beaver Creek / Vail in April?

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Any predictions on conditions for Beaver Creek / Vail in early April? With the number of resorts in the general area, we're not too concerned. But would like to get some insight from people who have recently visited or frequent the areas.

Thanks in advance!
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It'll most likely suck. Vail gets really warm and the snow will turn to mush by noon. The back bowls will alternate between frozen crud and mashed potatoes. Even today the snow near Lionshead was getting remarkably soft. Last year we went one day the first week in April - we skied for 4 hours and drank for 9.

Pray for cold temps and lots more snow.
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It's too early to predict. Obviously the snowpack is down, however, we could get huge snowfalls in the next 30 days.

Last year I skied until late May. We went to Loveland till it closed and then switched to A-Basin.

Soft snow? Yes it gets soft and that's some of the best stuff you'll ever see.

I don't know when you mean in April, however, check on Vails "closing date".
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Guess it all depends on where your from to begin with. We skied Breck, Keystone, A-basin and Vail last year, the last week of April. Coming from New Jersey it was AWESOME skiing, and we were having an epic winter here at that point ourselves.

It was my first time at Vail, and I could have easily spent an entire week there!
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It'll be totally a function of the weather. The last week Vail was open last year we had about 18" of snow and mid-winter powder most of the week. The week before it was very warm then a hard freeze and it sucked.

I prefer Vail over BC in the spring. It's higher and has a lot of different exposures.
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It could be hit or miss, but I think you should be alright, espeically if you're coming from the beltway . Last year we got hammered for closing weekend at Vail; historically, March and April are our months with the greatest amount snowfall. If it sucks, grab a beer and enjoy the spring corn and sun.
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Thanks for the replies. We'll be staying near Beaver Creek, so we'll have a range of ski areas to choose from (Copper, Breck, Vail). Just a little worried about the snowpack around that area this year. We hit Copper two years ago around Christmas and had a blast. We're looking forward to this trip too.

Think snow!
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