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Cutting Skins??!!

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Heard two different kind of opinions how to cut your

First was " cut approx. 5mm from each edge".
Second was "cut so you can barely see the whole edge".

So ladies and gentlemen! Which is (more) right?
Dont wanna ruin a pair of 130 euro skins...
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I had mine cut by the tech at Black Diamond. I know it's not that hard to do, but I had the same reservations as you and didn't want to ruin them. I would describe the fit as about half an edge width to the inside of the edge. Think of it as just enough that you could still get an edge hold with the skins on.

edit: they might be cut in a little more than that, but I'll have to look at them at home (backcountry conditions here have been pretty treacherous lately so they haven't been used in a while.) I figure you're better off cutting too little than too much though!

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The second approach is correct. (The first is baffling -- why would anyone want to do that?)
If you follow the instructions for the BD Ascensions skins, it will come out correctly.
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Just make sure the metal edge (at least 3mm from the side of the ski) is exposed or you'll be hating life when you start traversing a steep icy pitch.

Also, regarding the printed instructions (or at least the ones a few years ago), do not try drawing a line and cutting along the line (as the instuctions used to say), they'll come out ragged and looking like crap becasue you'll keep coming off the line you drew. Instead, place the skin on the ski over to the side you are cutting so the part you do not want is hanging off the edge (positioned a little further than you will use them so you get the 3mm or so cut off for the ski's edge) and use the edge of the ski as a guide while you slice the skin. Then move it over to the other side. Then center the skin.
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..and I'm moving this to the Backcountry forum.
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