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Beaver Creek

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Just returned from Lake Tahoe. Wow, the snow was great, the people were friendly and the skiing was "outstanding"!!!

Now we leave for a four day trip to Beaver Creek. It's been about 14 years since I last skied Beaver Creek and I'm interested in some feedback.

Does anyone have ana opinion on Beaver Creek? I'm a level 8 skier and prefer the blue and black groomed runs.

Thanks in advance.

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Tell me more. FAST!
I leave for Tahoe on Saturday 2/16.

Can I expect al PP, or better??
I was expecting some variable snow ranging from FRGR to Powder based on what I'd seen in some reports.
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PCF, I was at BC day before yesterday. Snow was firm in the AM, soft in the PM.

I think they got some new last night.

BC is very nice in general.

Not very many rocks that I saw.

If BC isn't to your liking, Vail is only 10 miles away. Have Fun!

When are you going?
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While in Lake Tahoe, two weeks ago, the snow was great. We arrived on Sunday Jan. 27th and it snowed during the evening and the following day. We skied for the next five days.

The potential problem with Lake Tahoe is the tempreture often gets above 38 degrees, which tends to cause the snow to melt and/or get slushy. While in Lake Tahoe, we were fortunate to experience record lows, thus great snow.

I strongly suggest a day at Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Kirkwood. Heavenly is also nice, however the mountain is poorly laid out. Lots of polling between lifts, if you don't know your way around.

Take a camera. You will want to take lots of pictures from the slopes. You will also want to stop at Emerald Bay, between Squaw and Heavely. The landscape is "breath taking"!!!

Finally, we leave for Beaver Creek next Wednesday for a short three and a half day trip. My fingers are crossed for fresh snow.

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My plan is Squaw on Sunday & Monday, Sugar Bowl on Tues & Thurs ($35 with a VISA card days) and Alpine on Friday.

I was toying with the idea of going to a smaller place like Homewood or Mt. Rose on Sunday to avoid the crowds, which I heard can sometimes be at Squaw on Sundays.

My kids won't care too much where we ski anyhow.

I just bought a new Sony TRV900 Digital camcorder which I plan to do lots of skiing with utilizing my new GEXAR: http://www.gexar.com/pages/02clumbar.html

Weather report makes me nervous though, they keep mentioning possible snow and/or rain! Ugh. Hope that doesn't happen.

Anybody ever skied Mt Rose?? It looks pretty decent.
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