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New Resorts aplenty!

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Have already planned the outline of our annual pilgrammage from the UK to the welcomming slopes of the US etc (Jackson Hole, Targhee, Bridger and Big Sky this year for the 2nd time in 5 years) when I happened on a 1 paragraph article in Ski regardinig the 1st new resort in the US for 20 odd years: Moonlight Basin. Secondly, Tamarack (Separate magazine, same "1st in 20...." claim)in central Idaho is opening for business this year I see. But its Moonlight I'm interested in and wondered if any MT locals could shed any light.

Looking at the web-site and from my previous (1 weeks) knowledge of the area is this based on the backside of Lone Peak - i.e. the Moonlight Ranch that backs onto one of the mountain's ridges or a different mountain altogether.

Cheers [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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think I've answered my own question as I've just searched and found
http://www.epicski.com/cgi-bin/ultim...=001694#000000 .

However, any other info like any plans for shared lift tickets or did the parties concerned fall out accrimoniously? :

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Simon -

Tamarack is only opening for cat skiing this winter. They plan to install lifts next summer.

Moonlight Basin is busy putting their main lift in for this season. It will be a 6 seater with 1850 vertical feet. They will also have access to two lifts Big Sky operates on Moonlight Basin land, Iron Horse & Pony Express. (Pony Express is mainly a condo access lift). Recently, they announced plans to add a 400 vertical foot lift to access beginners terrain for this season, also. The terrain accessed off the main lift looks steep and should have lots of black diamond runs. If we get some enough snow I'm planning on skiing there in December....I'll post a report if I do.

When are you planning on hitting these parts?
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