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First Time In Colorado

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I am coming over next week to Colorado from Spain and staying in Georgetown.
Initially I will be skiing in Loveland but was wondering if any locals could tell me where I could get some freshies and what the coverage is like . Some steeps would be fun but perhaps it is a little early . It would be nice to be able to experience that famous Colorado powder ( apologies to "Utards" ,maybe next time )
I guess I would like any personal reccomendations , I am also happy on groomed and bumps ( steeps would be lovely but again, what is coverage like )
I have noticed so far that not many blacks are open , if any , is this likely to change by next week .Also I don't want to be travelling more than an hour or so .
Thanks in advance .

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I was @ Loveland 11/30, was ok but the lack of snow was showing. Was at Vail on 11/27 8" of fresh, was very nice !
The weather person said we might get some more snow late this week. Would put Vail or Copper on the list if you will be skiing more then 1 day. Even Winter Park could get a bit by then . If the snow starts to fall will let you know. In the mean time keep an eye on www.coloradoski.com
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There isn't enough snow right now. We need a lot more snow before the steep stuff will open. Most areas/resorts only have a few runs open. Vail probably has the most open at the moment with 1200 acres. That may be pushing your driving limit. And is Majorca as in Palma de?

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Loveland's website will give you a pretty good idea as to what is open.


There is no snow in the forecast. Nothing steep is open at present around here. We should simply be glad to be skiing.
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You know I grew up in Georgetown. You did not say how long you will be staying. To tell you the truth, things are pretty dry right now, but the weather report looks good for snow starting on Sunday-December 7th. If you get bored skiing Loveland, you might want to check out Winter Park/Mary Jane...it is not that far to drive...and you do not have to hassle with the traffic on I-70. Take a look at...http://www.skiwinterpark.com/
Also while you are in Georgetown...stop by the RED RAM....
(GREAT FOOD & an AWESOME BAR)...also the Christmas Market is on the weekend...
a MUST for first timers....
Have a Great Time...
[img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] STEEP & DEEP is where everyone should be..!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Thanks for the info. I looked at Winter Park and a part called Mary Jane has just opened . It does look a bit dry but I will be there from the 6th to the 13th so I might get lucky . To be honest I would be quite happy warming up on cruisers for a few days and checking out a variety of resorts . The info on places to eat ( and drink , a bit ) is also very welcome as I will be travelling by myself and am happy experimenting . I am staying at the Georgetown Mountain Inn , it looks pretty good .
I do live in Majorca but outside Palma , it's actually forecast to snow here tonight .
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i'll be up there the same time. there's a storm forecasted for this weekend, but probably wont be enough to open the steep stuff.
you might try and drive up to keystone and breckenridge and talk to thier mountain guides and see if they think there is any good steep stuff open. i love to ski loveland, but they dont have the snow making ability of the big resorts.
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