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If I'm going to Steamboat is it a good idea to fly into Hayden instead of driving 3hrs. from Denver?? Any info about Steamboat would be appreciated!!!
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I've not been to Steamboat yet, but thinking about getting there in the next year or so. If I were going, it would be my preference to fly into Hayden, IF I could get reasonable airfare. If you fly into Denver, you will need a car to get to Steamboat (or a pricey shuttle if there is one), plus in bad weather I have heard that it is not a fun drive. If you can get reasonable airfare to Hayden, I think that's what I'd do.
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Funny you should ask...

I skied the 'Boat last Wednesday. They had gotten 24" mid mountain and easily 30" of cold smoke fresh at the top. All of their tree runs were open including favorites Shadows and Closets. It was a wet snow when it fell Monday and Tuesday but the -9 F temps Tuesday night really dried out the freshies. What a day I had Wednesday! There was hardly a soul around.

So, to your question...

I skied in the morning with a Fed-Ex pilot who lives in the 'Boat and he said that he flys out of Hayden all the time and that he chose to live in Steamboat because that airport is very reliable.

Have fun. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Hey Pinhead,

My Son emailed me some pictures of that day, he said three feet in most places and real nice stuff too. Lucky little ----.He'll be home tomorrow here in W.N.Y.

For some reason, I can never get an inexpensive flight into Hayden, but yes, it's the way to go if you don't mind spending the extra. If I go it alone I fly into Hayden cause once you add the car rental factor fron Denver into it, it's less. But, if I'm traveling with the Wife and kids, it's still less money to go the Denver route. Besides, I like the drive up and we usually ski around the Summit area too.

If one is just going to ski Steamboat the whole trip, I suppose the easiest and least expensive way would be to fly into Hayden.
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I'll be in Steamboat in late Jan, flying into Hayden from San Francisco. Driving from Denver is out of the question only cause tix are about the same price. Where are you flying from?
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I'll be there for 10 days from Jan 17 with a few friends (my first visit!).As we are flying from across the pond the extra flight from Denver to Hayden was a bit pricey,so its a 3 hour coach transfer for us, but at least the scenery's nice,right?
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There is nothing pretty about the drive from I-70 to Steamboat till you get to Rabbit Ears Pass, you can make good time if weather is ok and you avoid the weekend "rush to the mountain traffic".
I'm flying into Hayden next month for the first time after years of driving.I never like being without a car but the shuttles go everwhere.
Several years ago after arriving in Steamboat a inbound commercial jet, full of skiers,landed at the smaller Craig airport by mistake.It makes me wonder what kind of "mom and pop" operation their running up there.
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If the air is not stupid, definitely fly into Hayden.

Also, if you have 4 people, for like $10 more...get the limo over the shuttle. It's woth every penny. Roll into/out of town in a stretch limo, the driver will take you to the grocery store on the way in, it's well worth the extra $10 p.p.

Enjoy the Boat, it rocks!
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I have booked a trip to Steamboat for early Feb. The airfare from Houston to Hayden was actually cheaper than Denver. I have been wondering about a car. We are staying at a condo about a mile from the slopes. Does the shuttle run everywhere we would want to go and at all the times we would want to go there?

Another couple of questions: does anyone sell discounted Steamboat lift tickets? And any recommendations for where to rent equipment?

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The shuttle service in Steamboat is excellent. Park your car for your entire stay.

Check out the Sports Stalker at the base of the gondola for your rentals. Not the cheapest, but Win and his crew do a great job!

For boot work (and rentals as well), try the One Stop Ski Shop which is just south of downtown near Howelson Hill (you can watch the olympic ski jumpers practice!).

Have fun! The Boat rocks!
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A few thoughts on some of the previous posts...

The airplane that landed in Craig a couple of years ago wasn't part of a local mom-and-pop operation; it was TWA.

Win, at SportsStalker, is great, but he's not really involved in the normal rental program. He's more involved with renting high-end demos. If you're willing to rent equipment just a bit away from the mountain, you can save money. Try Ski Haus, One-Stop Ski Shop, Ski and Bike Kare, and maybe even Christy Sports at Central Park.

If you can get fares into Hayden at near the same cost as flights into Denver, jump at the opportunity. I love the Denver-Steamboat drive in the summer, but the I-70 corrider and Rabbit Ears parts of the drive are things I try to avoid as much as possible in winter. Personally, I think the scenery is beautiful for the entire drive, but that's just me.

For discount tickets, pick up an application for a Steamboat Card. For a card fee of $10, there can be significant savings off daily lift ticket rates. They don't have those Steamboat Card applications in Steamboat -- only at select locations in Denver and the Front Range. Alternatively, if you'll be skiing here enough days, check out mEtickets.

PinHed, I was skiing Closet and Shadows the same day as you (as well as the day before, the day after, and today!).

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My wife and I will be in Steamboat the evening of the 8th, January for four days. I know it didn't work out last time we were there because of time constraints but if you want to hook up for some runs or a bite to eat, let me know. Same goes for you pinhead.
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Originally posted by Lars:

My wife and I will be in Steamboat the evening of the 8th, January for four days. I know it didn't work out last time we were there because of time constraints but if you want to hook up for some runs or a bite to eat, let me know. Same goes for you pinhead.

Sounds great. Other EpicSki people will be visiting at the same time. Maybe we can all make some turns together. Check your PM.


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Thanks for the info will definitely fly into Hayden.
Anyone have recommondations for places to eat?
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Lots of good places to eat, downtown. DoubleZ has the best BBQ around. A little dive place on the West end of town. Wynonna's or Johnny B Goods for Breakfast. Just walk around Lincoln Street and find what you want including some good Steak joints. We always stay downtown for that reason. Over by the Wallmart Plaza is a great Chineese Rest. called Pandas. Yum! There is everything from real fancy to local. Priced accordingly. Enjoy!
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Some good places to eat;
Riggio's (Italian)
La Montana (Mexican)
Cafe Diva

Bar Food / Snacks
The Tugboat Grille (RIBS [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] )
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Good suggestions for places to eat. A couple more...

Creekside, on 11th, is great. Just a bit off the beaten track, but well worth it.

Freshies, located across Hwy 40 from the Sinclair station, just opened this past summer in the building that used to house Spring City Diner. Freshies is a huge improvement. They don't have a large dinner following, yet, but their dinners are wonderful. Don't know if this will mean much to many, but they have the best latkes (as an appetizer!) I've ever had.

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I'm planning on being in Steamboat Jan 4-10th with some friends. Anyone know anything about the Shadow Run condominiums? Good runs for strong intermediate skiers?

Thanks for the info about airfare. I had planned on driving up but found roundtrip airfare to Hayden from Austin for 300...not bad.

Steamboat seems to have a really nice early season base and just got dumped on again today. I can't wait! Snow, snow, snow! Yay!
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I forgot about Freshies. My Son took us theree as Wynonnas was quite busy. It's run by the same people who own Wynonnas actually and stmbtres is right, the food is excellent.

As for intermediate runs at the Boat, it's loaded with variety on all parts of the mountain. You're going to love the place. "Its all good"
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