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Tahoe Question

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Does anyone know how long of a drive it is from the Heavenly area to Squaw Valley? (Assume conditions are good...)
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good weather good roads and no traffic about 1.5-2hrs hours. Be aware that a lot of the roads are small winding roads with fairly low speed limits 25-45 MPH and the CHP, NHP will tag you as well as the local towns police.
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dchan, have you ever done that drive? You might be thinking of the scenario in which Emerald Bay pass is closed, but it is not (just drove it last night) and unless it snows heavily again it will not close anymore this year.

With that pass open (as is the case in good weather), Heavenly to Squaw is about 1 hour without pushing the speed limit at all.

It is a beautiful drive up along the west shore of the lake.
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good point AC,

The last time I drove the south route/emerald bay was over 15 years ago. It used to be that they would close Emerald bay at the first snow and not re-open until April, snow or no snow, so I never even thought about it. Never understood that but it sounds like they only close it when it snows now. I stand corrected and thanks for the info.

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If you're in a hurry, the drive along the Nevada side is probably faster than the west route which I typically find clogged with gaper traffic, year round.

Just make sure to hang a left at the Spooner Lake junction (leave Hwy 50) or else you'll end up in Carson City. Happy motoring!
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