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Airfare to Vancouver

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I'm hitting Whistler and I'm flying from Boston to Vancouver on March 7th (a sunday) and returning the 14th.

Is anyone well-versed in airfares to Vancouver? The best I can find right now is 480 through Air Canada. Do I wait and try to find better rates or grab a ticket while I can? I know that March is mid-season for flights, but I'm not sure if the ski season changes that for Vancouver.

The times I can fly are fairly limited because I'm meeting others flying in from Philly who already have tickets from frequent flyer miles.

Anyone have experience with Air Canada? The other airlines with similar times are united and delta. It looks like Canada has more comfortable planes; 767, a319, and a343 vs older 757 and 737's.

Also, anyone know a good place to find good rates on accomodations for Whistler in the village?
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Sounds like a pretty good fare. Be aware that March 12th to 21st is spring break in BC and will have the most expensive and crowded conditions of the season; believe me, avoid it. Can't help you too much on accomodation, but visit www.whistler-blackcomb.com or call their toll free number for a decent package quote. They can likely put something together cheaper than you can, and are most helpful.

It's DUMPING on all the coast mountains right now. YAAAAHHHHOOOO!
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I have used Moguls for a trip to Whistler and they were very nice and helpful in putting a trip together. They are also a sponsor to this website and have a link at the bottom of the page.
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I had business in Seattle, so I flew into seatac for less than $200. Plus they have return red eyes, so I got a full day in on my last day. Something to think about.
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We are flying out of Boston the day before. That pretty much sounds like the airfare we got on Air Canda. There were no frequent flyer tickets available, either.

Pay heed to what JR said about Spring break. The last 2 times we were at Whistler was smack in the middle of spring break. More crowded than Killington at its worst!
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This might be helpful. I just put together a trip for my group to Fernie for mid-March, flying into Calgary out of Philadelphia. The air came in at $430/pp. However, last January, I was researching a similar trip right up until half my group dropped out so we went to Steamboat instead. In any case, I found my notes from last January during this year's planning, and found there were, at that time, very aggressive rate specials into Calgary and Vancouver (we were also considering Sun Peaks, which required a flight into Vancouver). I don't know what became of those Vancouver rates, but last January, air from Philly into Calgary was only $266!

In any case, in the deal I worked out with our travel agency for this trip (Snow Ventures), the actual $430 tickets aren't issued until the beginning of February. So, if a similar fare special comes along in January, Snow Ventures is going to re-adjust our fares and package price. That $266 fare above as well as similarly low Vancouver fares was via Orbitz--so I'm not at the mercy of the agent calling to say, "Good News, you air fare dropped." You can bet I'll be (and am) checking on a weekly basis.

I've used Moguls in the past myself, by the way. I've found, after years of trip planning, it's always worthwhile to call a good handful of agencies. Many will come up with the same lodging, similar quotes, etc., but every now and then, one will go the extra mile, or have something completely different (lodging-wise), or far lower airfares. It gets particularly sticky with larger groups if you're going for a chalet--when you're splitting a 5 bedroom house amongst 5 couples, it's usually pretty reasonable, and for far splashier digs than some two-bedroom condo. But, those places aren't usually contracted with tourist agencies. So, places like Moguls have a "my way or the highway" policy--in our case, if we wanted Moguls for our Fernie trip, they would have split my group into two or three condos. Snow Ventures, and a couple others, were willing to handle all the remaining facets, save lodging (air, lifts, ground transportation).

In any case, because of Snow Venture's flexibility regarding changing fares, you might want to drop them a note. Our agent was Anne Courcier (anne@snowventures.com).

Hope that helps.

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You can save some money by flying into Seattle and driving up. Best fares.com is offering $198 round trip from many Eastern cities right now. The drive up is beautiful if you have the time. Took me 4 hours to Whistler.

Otherwise, Air Canada isn't bad. My Son flew out of Toronto to Vancouver a couple of years ago and didn't have any problems.
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Check alluradirect.com for lodging info. Otto's post below has some more info on this
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Wait till february. the fare is not going to go up. For instance - the fare from SFO to Yvr for dec 10 is $172. But
fares for middle for February is $272. I would wait.

also does jet blue fly to Yvr. check it out.
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