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Looking for Suggestions for Younger Brother and Father...

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Okay I'll start with my dad:
5'6" 145lbs. Very good skier - former racer. Currently skis on a pair of older Fischer RC4 WC SC's in a 161. He is moderately aggressive and likes to go fast most of the time. This season he has decided that he wants to get back into racing by joining a recreational night league at our home hill. The courses are not set fast at all, and are not challenging at all. They set the turns fairly tight - but they are long enough that a slalom ski loses it stability in the course. I think he will be getting a GS style ski for christmas from my mom and i. We arent looking to break the bank as he tends to destroy skis quite rapidly... I was looking at a pair of IC300's earlier in the fall but decided to wait. So what are some good skis that give you the best bang for your buck and turn anywhere between 16 and 20 meters. I think im looking to stick around a 170 just so it stays manuverable for him. He skied my 182 race stock Salomon's last year and gave them back rather quickly, so that caliber ski is out of the question.

Here is what im thinking so far:
Elan Dual X
Volkl P50 platinum, motion, or F1 (whatever the one was that i hated last year)
Rossignol 9X oversize
Fischer RC4 WC RC (not the race stock one)
Volkl T50 (probably too expensive though)

Now for my younger brother:
He is 5'7" 140lbs, 16 years old. He is a very strong skier - much stronger than my father, and is on a learning curve that sometimes outpaces mine... which keeps my on my toes. He plays soccer all year long so he is in great shape and his legs are very strong. Right now he is on my old Salomon Equipe 10 3V's, with a poweraxe sl plate and s912 bindings. He loves those skis compared to his rock skis which are Rossi T-power Viper S skis (the ones the replaced the ones that i broke about 3 years ago). He is also looking for a GS ski, but possibly one that is a step above that which my dad is looking at. He can handle a stiff ski with trouble at all and his technique is quite sharp considering his age, and the fact that he does not race. He skis better than most of the junior racers that are his age at our mountain... He has a habbit of liking to go fast, and he gets bored with slalom turns all the time, so he wants something more stable. I was thinking a GS ski - something between 170cm and 180cm and fairly stiff, but not race stock since he isnt really racing. I'm sure he could ski a 178 volkl or dynastar race ski without having trouble at all, in fact the way he skis i can see where he would find shorter lengths of such skis to be unstable. Ideally i would like to put him on a retail Elan GSX's, but i do not know if that can be afforded right now... Let me know your ideas for him. I would go towards the Fischer RX8, Elan S12, Volkl 6 star, and other such skis but theya re going to be waaaay out of the price range we are looking in. Let me know what you think. OBTW, he already uses his vipers in the trees and bumps so this can be a groomer specific ski. For trips out west and to other places in the east i can get him an all mountain ski for the time we are gone.

Here is his list so far:
Elan GSX w/VIST 176cm (top choice)
Blizzard RS Ti (if a pair floats my way) 176cm
Rossignol 9X oversize 174cm
Salomon Equipe 10 2V 175cm
Dynastar Course 64 178cm
Fischer RC4 WC RC 175cm
***also any previous years skis that are high end race skis will work as well***



Pretty much i need skis that will be good, inexpensive, very fast race skis for both of them. While im looking for a more forgiving ski for my dad, my brother is fully capable of man-handling just about any ski i mentioned above, so for him forgiveness isnt much of an issue.

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The Fischer WC RC has a turn radius of 17 meters at 180cm 16 meters at 175. It is about as bombproof as skis can be and a very popular recreational racer.
You might PM Rusty Guy who reps for Fischer if you are interested in either the WC RC or the RX-8. He should be able to give you some very good prices. It looks like your dad and younger brother stand to have a very Merry Christmas. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I agree with Lostboy, except dad may want to go shorter if racing SL.

Your brother, if he's only free skiing try the R11 in 170cm he'll beable the use it for a few years. My son, exracer is 16 5'7" 135lbs and has fun with it. If he's racing, PM Rusty Guy.
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What about the Atomic SX:11 for both of them? That seems to me to be a pretty solid GS carver if you're not racing. I'm sure your dad could handle them, and your brother would probably have a blast. The little bit of extra sidecut would make them more versatile than a real GS ski.

If you're looking for previous year skis, maybe the Rossi T-Power 9X PPS would do the trick. It was supposed to be a great, non FIS-legal ski. As well, the Salomon 2V's with the wide tail are fairly good, forgiving skis. I used those for GS last season, and while they were not fantastic as race skis, they were pretty manageable, and would be fairly leniant to a weaker pilot.
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Well, I got my younger brother taken care of with a 175cm Fischer RC4 WC RC. They were barely used for a season, and are in great shape. I figure for a ski to play around on they will suit him just fine. Now for skis for my dad... What about a SkiCross 10 or 66 from a year or two back? I know that this years have a rediculous cut to them, and probably dont shine too much in the GS course as the previous ones did, but the older ones have more of a GS cut to them. They look like a good GS ride to me. Probably a 170??
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