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New England Opening Days?

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Anyone know when the first opening days are forecasted to be for the New Engalnd resorts? Killington is usually around this time of month.
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Loon says November 16. There was a drought in NH this summer and the Pemigewasset river is still extremely low. They draw their water for snow making from the river. It was almost 80 in MA yesterday its warm again today.

It will get cold, it will get cold, it will get cold. It must rain too.
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all the opening days for almost all north american resorts and ski areas can be found at the following link:

these dates are most likely ideal dates and may or may not actually happen. given the rather high temperatures lately and lack of below 30 degrees nights, snow making can't be going that well and natural snow is still non-existant. unless we have a deep freeze within the next week or two, or a major dumping, i'd wager these dates will be bumped forward a bit.

any one know how killington is doing? they usually open up in october, but i'd be shocked if they will have anything worth skiing within the next week.
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Their webpage shows they made snow on the 8th, but it's been too warm lately to have done anything. The forecast calls for a nice string of below freezing lows, with temps only in the low 40's during the day, so they may be able to start soon.

I was up at Loon last weekend and heard the same about the Pemi... Do they draw from the river or mostly from Loon Pond? Probably wouldn't make a difference since they both would be low, but just curious.
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Vt Skier,
I heard that Loon first draws from Loon pond and then the Pemi. But that they can only draw from the Pemi if the river is of a certain height. Unless they get some pounding rain storms, the guns might not be blowing.
In contrast, Cannon draws from both of their lakes which not only are spring fed, but currently higher than normal.
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