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Keystone 11-24

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An amazing day of skiing this past Sun at Keystone. Skied the Outback from 10:30 - 1:00, for the first 6 runs the only other person on the run with me was my husband.
They did not have the "wayback" lift running so required a bit of a hike/skate back. Well worth it and certainly kept what little crowd there was away.

Snowed a bit more last night. Looking very good for the upcoming holiday weekend.

And no, I do not work for Keystone.
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i was also there yesterday and you're right, it was awesome. i didn't venture to the outback because i didn't feel like hiking, but i did ski the north peak. due to VERY light crowds (away from the frontside) and continuing snowfall, there were numerous runs on which i had fresh tracks. great snow coverage on most trails with some deep powder in spots.

hands down best conditions i've ever experienced at keystone.
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adema, as few ppl that were at North Peak you can imagine how empty the outback was! We only went because we have riden bikes UP the road you had to hike down. After hiking/skateing down Keystone Gulch Rd I can now say it IS UPHILL both ways

Agree too that it was one of the best days I have had at Keystone.
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