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what about vail mid january

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I've been going to keystone, Abasin, breck for years, I finally got to copper last season which was great thanks pinhead, any way I was looking at utah which I really fell in love with last march but I can have a free condo at vail jan 23rd -jan 30th, so me & a couple of buddies are looking at making the trip to vail in january then do alta in march again, I've heard people talk vail up but don't really have a clue about the place, any thoughts.

thanks bteddy
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Vail is great, and even better in a free condo!!! For all of the badmouthing about the Bogner crowd, the terrain and snow are excellent, the weather reliably good, and the vast majority of the people are genuinely nice. I ski there as often as I can, but will be at the Academy in Snowbird that week.

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You will have a great time!

Try to hook up with someone who knows the mountain well on your first day. The top of the mountain has some pretty flat terrain the trail map doesn't do a very good job of identifying. The regulars all know how to avoid any problems, but a first timer might find some of the 'inconveniences' a little annoying.
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My buddies and I were there two winters ago and had a blast. We avoided the President's Day weekend crowds by hitting the Born Free Express lift before 9 am each morning and going straight to the back bowls. We skied the bowls until Blue Sky opened, skied BS until lunch, then skied the bowls again until around 3. Leaving the bowls around 3 kept us ahead of the crowds and we then skied the front side until closing. We met people who complained about lift lines but by staying ahead of the crowds, we never had to wait more than a couple of minutes. It was sweet. Champagne Glade in Blue Sky was a blast, and beers, wings and women's olympic curling at night at the Altitude sports bar made for a great time.

This year, I'm taking my wife and kids back to Vail, staying January 15th through 20th. I want to get a private instructor for the kids for at least a couple of the days we're there. If anyone has any suggestions or recomendations, please pm me.
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Vero- two of Vail's very best are right here on epic- look up vailsnopro and vera on the instructors list. One of my colleagues has a stepson who is specifically interested in teaching kids. He works out of the Golden Peak base at Vail- Brendan McGuire.
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Wow, that is a great time to go to Vail. Right after the rush of holiday time. Make sure that you get over to Beaver Creek for at least one day. Easy to get to on the bus or a 10 minute drive depending on the weather. You will not be disappointed.

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hey veroski our dates have changed we will be there 16th thru the 24th staying at the sandstone creek club, LU WHOO we will probably catch a day at beavercreek to check it out along with some night skiing at keystone even though they still close some nights & close early at 8 pm.

cheers all bteddy
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I've skied Vail the last week of January for the past two years. I think it's a great week to be there. I think the key to skiing Vail is to get up the Mountaintop Express lift (I think it's #4) early and into the back bowls. Mountaintop Express can get very crowded. Once in the back bowls I think the longest liftline I saw was less than three minutes. I think Vail's biggest drawback is the amount of traversing you have to do to get to the better terrain. Once your familiar with the area, though, it has a lot to offer. And, of course, the apres ski is great too.
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come find me at Lionshead-. If I know in advance when you are arriving, I might be able to arrange my schedule to give you an insiders tour of the mtn... Mid-Jan (other than MLK weekend) is usually pretty quiet. But it would be fun to get out and bust around with you and your friends...

You can PM me here...

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thanks vp we will get in touch with you, I have some new axis xp's on the way from Inspector Gadget that should be fun at vail.
cheers bteddy
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