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Originally posted by vail snopro / ric reiter:
The course started up at the top of Bear Chair, down National, through the upper gate into Grizzly, and down through Flying Serpent. Then it just cut above the Bronco jump, and over to the bottom of 6 Dead Trees. It ended about 300 yds above the bottom of the Grizzly Chair.
Maybe by todays standards (having run the Birds of Prey DH in Beaver Creek) it's pretty tame. But in its time, it was a real rocker!

Any western Bear who hasn't tried it is really missing something...

And just think- we wouldn't even have to change it's name!!!

It must have been a fun run! About Bear Valley, I call it the biggest and best of the small ones in California. Cannot agree more with you. By the way, i saw a picture of you in Marc P office, Hair and facial hair 70's style.
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Mt. Bohemia in Michigan's U.P. it has about 900 vertical and some great steep stuff. Certainly the best in the Midwest and it can compete with the western resorts (kinda)
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JimL, Pin Head, thanks for answering my question about that ski area Arapahoe East. Another small definct ski area is the one on St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs. Long live A Basin!!
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If it's small and in the west - it has to be Glencoe ski centre (Meall a Bhuridh, vertical 2700ft) with the infamous "fly paper" run and good backcountry. West being west coast Scotland. Anyone coming to the UK let me know and we can show you some good touring and pisting.
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It's scary that anyone would have been straight enough in those days to have taken a picture, or that it would have been kept all these years! (Maybe I still have my copy around somewhere)Must have been the one of 4 of us, having just won the Tahoe Restaurant and Bar Championships... We were the bartenders at the Bear Paw Bar in the Lodge... 3 ski instructors and a token patroller...

Good days, those were... But the hair is a little shorter, maybe a bit thinner, and certainly more gray than those days...

Funny thing- all of us are still in the ski biz!

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